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Trying SW chips tonight


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Sometimes I fry mine in the pan (with fry light) feel like it makes them a bit crispier x


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mm i loooooove slimming world chips!!
Everyone seems to love slimming world chips and raves about them, I have to admit, no matter how I cook them; par boiling first, microwaving them or just chucking them straight in, I always find them bland, dry and tough.

I have now come to the conclusion if I do need them, I will just weight out and syn bought frozen chips!
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I always used to make SW wrong and they were horrible. Ive now discoveredhow to make them delicious!

Cut potato in half and the slice them about 1cm wide ( smaller if you want french fries) if they are thick cut again. Microwave for 10 mins then chuck them in a bowl, spray with frylight, then a fair amount of salt and vinger and pepper if you fancy. Pop onto a fry light baking tray. In the oven about 180o for 20-30 mins. Depends on how crispy you like then. :)


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I have found sometimes it's the type of potatoes used for the SW chips....my best advice to scrummy SW chips everytime is to use Rooster red skinned potatoes. Par boil for a few mins then drain/dry and place on a baking tray, spray with Frylight then pop in a pre-heated oven at 200ºc for about 15 - 20 mins... Perfick! Oops, I tend to grind garlic flakes and sea salt over them before popping in the oven. :)
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They never look quite like the pictures in the SW magazine do they?

I tend to make wedges instead. First I cook the spuds (unpeeled) in the microwave. I then cut them up into wedge shapes, frylight and cook in my JML.

Admittedly I am only making them for myself (can't imagine making a whole family load) but they do come out delicious especially with a fried egg or two.
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i use the red rooster potatoes aswell and leave the skins on they are much nicer than if you use a cheaper spud .. which we did last week and i didnt enjoy them at all!!.
i shove loads of black pepper and chilli flakes over mine before putting them in the oven as well so they are nice and spicy !


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No mine have never looked like the pics in the magazines! No idea how they get them so perfect and chip like....mine are more like wedges.... Love um anyway with mushy peas! Yummy
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I know they all turn out different to whatever potato, some take longer, some better. My best were with massive Cheshire new potatoes in summer.
I par boil 6 mins. Shake.
Place in chip mesh , on baking tray in big fan oven. Salt pepper frylite. 40/40 mins.
Chip mesh rocks. Found on eBay aldi or cheap shops. Let's air circulate £3.
Here's mine on chip mesh.
They are like chippy chips! X


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Totally! Theres no way theyre really SW chips, Ive seen food photography, believe me its all cold, fake, painted, sprayed, touched up later, all sorts :(
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Ommmmmm Ive just had SW chips too. With a sprinkle of Piri Piri seasoning:

Ommmmm these were sooooo goooood. I ate most of them before I even put the tea out :eek: I was having my tea early before the b/f got home - so he doesnt even need to know we were having chips... :rolleyes:

Chiiiiiips :drool:


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