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Trying to avoid fat fighters! =)

hey i dunno what to say but today is my first day, sorry if the title offends its just a bit of my sense of humour :flirt2:e.

anyway my names mark, not jim, :D im 19 and i go to university i go to university and i wanna lose weight to be normal, and when i go to somewhere people dont judge me and my attitude towards things by the appearance of my weight and in a meal out or somewhere people checking what im eating and thinking what a fat B***** even if its the same as everyone else ...
anyway ive just had my first milkshake which was banana, as well as tasted banana and chocolate as there is 2 other people in my family doing this diet as well, all i can say sarcastically is YUMMY! they were not to my taste and its apparent that there are gonna be plenty of times its a one stop job. i dunno if its because im not gonna have it in ages, but im already thinking about missing the sensation of actually biting into something.

i guess the next stop is lunch which brings a soup!:D
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so lunch... well soups are definitely 1-0 up on milkshakes at the moment...personally i had the tomato it was better than the milkshakes, and again because theres 3 of us doing it, the thai chicken was ok and mushroom was ok, but the smell EWW... but 2/3 of the day is gone! im not feeling 100% confident but each day at a time, day 4 CMON!
soo day 1 complete 3/3 "meals" had thai chicken for dinner, one thing ive noticed is that the first taste is ok, then as it gets further and further down it gets worse by the sip, also the froth is not tasty! i dunno if its about how much water i put in (250ml)

im going to be strong and carry on itll be worth it!
Stick with it, you will find they become tastier as you go along. A great tip I got for the vanilla shake was to add a spoon of coffee to it and serve over ice, it's really tasty.

Good luck, if there are 3 of you doing it you can always gee each other along:)
i think im going to have vanilla for breakfast tomorrow, my thinking is how wrong can vanilla be? lool i guess we'll see tomorrow :D... ive read a lot about adding coffee to the shakes but i do not like coffee, which at the moment i really wish i did...ive just read about splitting the packs in half and mixing them or to spread them out throughout the day or water them down, is that ok to do?
Yeah splitting packs or mixing half or 2 together is fine :)

Good look with losing the weight. I'm on week 3 and it does get a bit easier... But it's definitely not easy!

Love the name of the thread by the way :D

soo I have found my salvation in vanilla! I know I should have but jumped on the scales and 3lbs lost! also which shakes are best mixed - no coffee included?
just had chocolate it was kinda bareable i mean not as bad as when i tasted it...IM SCARED MY TASTEBUDS ARE MELTING!
sooo had dinner strawberry was cool really am scared for taste buds now the true test will be tomorrow vegetable and mushroom soups...missing food though hope this worth it:)
last night was really hungry but alas today brought succulent strawberry again, and again today i attacked the enemy of all the land - the scales and came out victorious with my loss coming to 6lbs in two days one more pound and im down the next stonage!
soo its day four ive decided the shakes are definitely better! and also the soups taste better with 350ml instead of 250...i weighted myself and my weightloss has gone down to 5lbs...kind of disheartening but none the less i have to stay motivated..


Amusing Title.
its hard but try not to weigh daily, fluctuations up and down a couple of pounds can be hugely affected by stupid stuff, how hot you are, water retention, bowel movements, salt intake etc etc.

Its impossible to gain a pound of real weight in one day x
Hey just read ur diary.... i have started exante today.... ive moved over from lighter life. x well done on ur losses!
Hey just read ur diary.... i have started exante today.... ive moved over from lighter life. x well done on ur losses!
thanks :D and good luck

ive had to go away for the night and tomorrow, so ive brought my packs ive managed to avoid dinner, the biggest challenge will be tomorrow morning having to resist that full english breakfast :(
totally fell off the wagon, and it feels like a 3 person mission has become 1 as im writing people are eating chips all around me...lol
soo needless to say i fell off the wagon, i did resist the breakfast it was when i got back and had fish and chips waiting and it stopped but when i got back on the horse, nearly finished my fifth week and going strong!
thank you and goodluck! the funniest thing is I really wanted the breakfast at the time and I resisted then I got home I wanted chips but not as much as the breakfast and I was on my own at the hotel to do nasty stuff to that breakfast and no one would have known! and I thought next day ill go back on it I did until dinner time everyine was eating pizza and I caved again but to co ops own pizza as all the goodfella's had gone! but like in an AA meeting I can say
" my names wannabeaslimjim and I've been clean off food for nearly 5 weeks" :D

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