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Trying to get back on track

Thin Lizzy

Today's food intake

Porridge and 1 mullerlight with an apple

Packet of stirfry veg and pasta with 1 teasp chilli sauce
3 satsumas

Bowl of pudding rice mixed with 1 mllerlight

Mug of milky coffee for supper

As it is just after Christmas I need to lose the lbs as quick as I put them on!!!!!!

4 Morning coffee biscuits (4 Syns)
Sweet Chilli Sauce (1 Syn)
2 Starburst sweets (2 Syns)
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has a thin girl inside!
We all (nearl all) gained over christmas, it's what u do afte that counts and yr doing what we all should be doing :) x

Thin Lizzy

Doing EE every day at home yesterday I had

B - porridge HEA made with water and sweetener
1 Satsuma
Snack Banana and 1 Tesco Value LF yogurt (1.5)

L - Turkey, kidney bens, salad and 1 tbsp branston 0.5
2 morning coffee biscuits 2

T - pudding rice with a muller lite added (yum)
2 morning coffee biscuits 2
1 slice wholemeal loaf with 1 teasp spread 4

Hope this sounds ok thinking I should cut back on MC biscuits

Thin Lizzy

Todays diary

Porridge (HEA)
Cup of tea with 2 Morning Coffee biscuits (Packet finished)

1 Muller lite and 1 satsuma

L - Brocolli, carrots, parsnips, potatoes and Chicken

Have visitors coming so baked some wheaten bread and a fairy cake which I am giving a total of 13 so that I am not tempted to eat anymore today.!!!!!!!

Handful of green grapes