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Tues 24th Feb hour by hour

Good Morning All!

I need this hour by hour today. I have TOTM and craving to eat. Today is my weigh in and I don't want to blow it. What is going to keep me going today is support and love from all of you.

Also, it seems that my waist size has gone from 43 inches to 35 inches since Cambridge so will focus on that too.

Darn these hormones!

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Damn those hormones but look at those waist stats!!
Im in for a SS+ day with no cheating.
Good job i dont like pancakes being Shrove Tuesday lol! x


Is posting like mad!
Happy pancake day everyone, luckily I don't have kids so didn't even realise that it was pancake day today, might have a vanilla shake in honour of the fact!

Just chugging through my first litre of water, but keep being told from every corner that I am drinking too much water so will have to start rationing it...

Good luck in your weigh in quiz, TOTM is horrible, I was half hoping that the VLCD would stop mine but then again if that happens for a long period you can be at risk of osteoporosis (I believe)

Hope everyone is doing well

I'm in. Managed 100% yesterday and last night I put a chart up on my kitchen cupboard so I can tick off successful days. Really need to get a few pounds off this week and stop messing around. Pancakes tonight for my two girls but think I might go mad and treat myself to a peanut bar - they're my favourite ! Had porridge for breakfast and have brought a strawberry shake to work for lunch. Good luck ladies ..
Morning all :)

Just popped down the high street to pay the papers, picked up a few gossip mags too ;)

Not up to much today, keep glugging the water! xx


Is posting like mad!
hello everyone,

Hope you are all good. I have delayed my first shake because my friend at work had a wardrobe malfunction and I had to drive her home to change, so am now absolutely hank -(hank marvin = starving).

It seems like a lot of the daytime posters work from home or are homemakers part of me thinks that would make it easier part of me thinks it would make it harder as I used to binge eat when I was at home alone... My homeworking dad started CD yesterday and I think for him it works out very well.

Anyway I digress, good luck today peeps



Is posting like mad!

I fell off the CD wagon last time during enrolment, I work at a university, it's two weeks of long hours and free lunches, and free food has always been my downfall! :)

Good luck for the meetings, I am sure you can resist. I saw a cinnamon swirl today which is usually my nemesis and I resisted you can too.


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Oh yeah I am a resistaholic now, well a carb resistaholic. I can resist cakes, pie, rice, pasta, my problem is resisting protein I can't seem to resist a few prawns (no sauce or batter) or a bit of chicken breast hardly a sin in life but I am supposed to be on SS on the Cambridge diet not my own made up version. So tomorrow for lent I am giving up... FOOD, all food apart from CD packs will be band from entering my mouth!

How is everyone doing?


Is posting like mad!
Whoooo hooo

five pounds is massive especially when you are an almost skinny minny like your good self. Awesome weight loss for anyone and even better percentage weight loss for yourself.

What a good reason not to cheat tomorrow and Thursday


Stubborn tortoise
Hi everyone... better late than never, just found a net connection and checked in... still working away but so happy to see the hour-by-hour thread! I have had a good day food-wise - haven't had any!!! And am on 810 so should have really, but porridge brekky, bar at lunch, & bar & shake for tea... all good. When you're travelling CD can be a lifesaver... but will make sure I eat something protein-ish tomorrow.
Sounds like you've all had a good day, & Quizz, 5lbs loss is brilliant, well done honey!!!!

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