TUESDAY: 4Th day at CD!!!!


Well I have to say:
How is everyone today?
I have a huge craving for...get this... apples! yesterday but I manage to have my shake and go to bed at 9:30. Between all the water:tear_drop: to feel full and all the extra sleep to not think about food my skin is going to look flawless in no time!;)

This site is really helping.
I hope all the new starters are finding it easier too.
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Hi Paz,

Really pleased you are feeling so good. It really does get better.

I was thinking last night that the money you pay for CD is worth every penny not just because you are losing weight but because of the feel good factor. I can honestly say i have not felt so well in a very long time.

You have done the hard bit now roll on weigh day xx


Have a serene day!!
Hi Paz,

I have been on the 1200 for just over 3 weeks and my skin has improved no end, I used to have Rosy Cheeks and a pink chin and it wasn't from being healthy I can assure you. But the redness has gone and I am also find that I can breath better, and I don't think that has anything to do with having lost weight but more to the fact that my tummy is not pressing on my lungs anymore because of the food in it.

Keep up the good work,


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Hi Paz,
glad you are into it so quickly ! Yes there are many benefits as well as the weight loss which is great. I thought I would crave chocolate etc but I actually crave oranges. So maybe our cravings even get healthier !


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it seems impossible when people tell u u wont feel hungry in ketosis. i felt very wary of those claims but when it happens its like a miracle! my cravings are still chow mein tho LOL maybe i'll wake up tomorrow wanting tofu instead?

well done everyone! heres to being slim minis!