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Tuesday At Home Weighers!


Always trying!
Hi Britt

Me too! I'll be getting weighed first thing tomorrow as I have to drive down south so I'll be on the scales at 6am!

Feeling optomistic as I've been spinning 6 days out of 7 and stuck to the plan to a tea. I will be slim for summer!!! :D

Good luck with your weigh in ;)

Just started slimming world at home last week and Tuesday is my day of choice (cos I didnt want to start on the bank holiday lol).
Be weighing in tomorrow morning before I go to work. Been very good this week and stuck to the 7 day plan they start you off on so hoping for a good result.
woo hoo I lost 3lbs! How did everyone else do? x


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Hi all congratulations on all your losses I doing EE online did not stick 100 percent first 2 days and had a kebab on sat and few chips but figure but def want it to work and going to keep a diary this week .

Only lost half pound but at least it was a loss !!!

Well done to ye all fantastic losses
I gained 2lbs :'( Maybe because it's my star week (Is that the right name for it? Lol).. Most likely because I went on holiday last week & didn't stick to the plan. I'm awful because I weigh myself every day so I'm super disappointed as I was a pound lighter yesterday! Bah!
Hope everyone else does better than I have :) Here's to the new week!
Britt and HQ - well done both, that is an amazing loss!

Nicolas - a loss is a loss and it all adds up. Imagine how much you'd lose this year if you achieved that each and every week.

Gemmy, I don't know what a 'star' week is, but I do reckon you'll lose the 2lbs next week once you are back on the plan. I'm a firm believer that its easy to lose the couple of pounds you put on if you work at it straight away. It hasnt got time to stick to your ribs lol



Always trying!
Well after 6 spinning classes and sticking to red and green days by the book I lost 4.5lb. It's a good loss but I think I'd secretly hopped for more are all my exercise. Hey ho!

Well done everyone and keep up the good work! We will be slim!
nicolas - Hang in there!

Katotonic - Thanks hun :) I think a star week is a period week (I think it's a group term, I've noticed on the boards though). Still plodding through & hopefully will have lost those pesky pounds by next week!

BeckyT - That's a fantastic loss :) You should be proud x
well done BeckyT - you are no longer 12stone xlbs - you are 11stone xlbs (you can almost imagine that's losing a whole stone). It sounds so much lighter doesnt it!!

Good luck to everyone for this week. I've got my meals planned out (slimming world KFC on Saturday night!!) and Im doing bootcamp exercise tomorrow and saturday so Im aiming for another 2lb loss.
Thanks guy's really enjoying in and u kno the best part kids are eating healthy 2 ! Hubby always did but me and kids would go for quick fix where as now I planning every meal and loving cooking
well done PammiePie - and just think you are now only a couple of days away from another week of weight loss!
hi all, i'm slow at losses too, but have have to say treating it as a change of eating habbits rather than a diet

so weighed this morn lost 2.75lb so i'm happy with that, hopefully will get some excerise in this week :)

girls onabout going zumba dancing or something tonight? have ye heard of it?

good luck to everyone else weighing today :)

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