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Tummy slowly shrinking

Good evening everyone.

I have updated my before and during pics in my profile, my stomach is showing signs of shrinking which is making me a happy chappy.

Just to let you know as well that Arlene has lost 4lbs in 4 days so she is doing very well.

I did not honk today, was not 100%, struggled for the 1st time but am almost through today and have not cheated.
Thanks for the support Calli.
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is slowly shrinking
well done mark, at least i give u the motivation to resist, i bet u said i will show her lol, no seriously well done mate, wish i had half of your will power, and well done arlene also.
I am glad yr tummy is shrinking, mine is also, altho i wouldn mind another inch to get into my size 14 comfortably. But then i do give in sometimes, so my own fault.
Glad u both ok, xxx
Yep thats exactly what happened and exactly what I needed to snap me out of the blues. Shirley of course you have the will power, you did get back on it did you not?
Again thanks, I am not sure, and maybe I am imagining it but have you noticed how the support on this forum has become almost zero. It seems to be just us "oldies", Yes there is lots of advice floating around but when it come to getting support there is almost zero, just from those who know each other. I mean if Rose, Lisa, Isis,Mandy,Yambabe, etc were around I am sure I and you would have got a "you can get through the day", Etc Etc, but nothing from anyone else. I mean you have had 44 people viewing your other post and not one bit of support from anyone else, I know if any of the above had been on the forum they would have. We cannot be on the forum 24/7 and everyone needs to chip in unless they joined the forum for advice only.

Oh well maybe they wont need it either when times get tough. Just sour grapes I suppose and the old guard needs to make way for the new, just thought I would vent a bit.
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is slowly shrinking
oh i hadn noticed, i don;t even know where u find out how many have viewed. Yes i agree, the site has got quiet lately, and even tho i am not on as much, i do go thro posts when i do get on.
It deffo has to be A GROUP forum and offer advice on all aspects, i will help any1, you know that, and i know you and some others are the same.
I do hope more people appreciate what we have made here and also all chio in, as i know there are some of us which take this seriously, maybe too seriuosly, but we have to, if we wanna succeed.
So if all the newbies are reading, please continue to join in and help and advise people when u possibly can, as this vlcd is as hard as it gets, ad hope we can all be there and help each other for the duration.
I've been away in a tent this weekend so not around to harrass you all lol! :eek:

Mark when you say you've "not been 100%" but also "not cheated" you are confusing me (not hard!) :confused:

You don't have to elaborate if you don't want to but I'm guessing you have stuff going on in your head that you're not happy with but haven't actually eaten?

If that's the case I suggest you maybe write those feelings down somewhere (blog, notebook, here, anywhere really) and try to see if you can spot a trigger point for them. Men sometimes seem to find it harder to express their feelings than women and it might help if you can just try to give them some kind of outlet somewhere.

If it's not feel free to ignore me.........;)
HI Yambabe, thanks for the advice but I am very black and white, no grey area's with me and if I was feeling anything other than just lousy due to temptations I would say it. As far as yesterday goes, I had a dodgy stomach which made me feel aweful, in the morning, starving in the afternoon and all I wanted was food. I questioned this diet and questione myself but got through it, which made me very happy. Arlene, my wife was very supportive through it all which made it easier not to cheat.
Then you were, in fact, 100% after all even though you didn't necessarily want to be?

Well done young man! :)


reaching my goal
Hi mark i have noticed the forum is quite , even though there are a few newbies joining us ! I come on here almost every day i cant do this with out you lot xx
To all the newbies that have joined WE DONT BITE ! Take part in the forum we offer great support and we would love support from you guys to :)
It is quieter on weekends I agree but when look at the number of people who actually read the posts and no replies are given, for instance, Shirley wrote a post about how she was struggling, had 44 views and only one reply, me. I was struggling and only had 1 reply, Shirley. I know 99% of the regulars were out and about which is a very good thing but those who were on here did nothing but read. Even last week, it was only us "oldies" dishing out the support.
I wonder whether people read the posts but then feel that they don't have anything that they can offer. We don't all have the knowledge and skills that others have (or the confidence).
Hi Mojo, I don't have a problem with people not having to add advice wise but just a word of encouragement when people at tsruggling can go a very very long way and I am sure everyone can do that.
I feel a bit new to be offering advice to be honest, this is only day 3 for me!

I will try and post more supportive threads though, in the hope that when I need it I will get some support back!
Hi, we will also offer advice and support no matter what Ladyshopper, like I said above it's just some words of encouragement to those that are struggling that is very very important. Advice comes with experience.


reaching my goal
Even if you have no advice , lets us know what your week has been like on exante, ups and downs sometimes that can help .
We are doing this extreme diet because other diets have failed weather that be due to lack of support or will power . That is why this forum needs everything you can offer .


is slowly shrinking
We know we are not a counselling service, and we are not asking this, it only just takes general chat to sidetrack people who are struggling. 'Sometimes we come on here to avoid food, and if we all can read posts and know people are online when their green light is on, just some1 to talk to about their day is enough, this is all we are saying. After all we are in this together otherwise we wouldn be here.
As exante has only a small group it would be nice if all chipped in, even if just a little, this is all we are saying. So it does not matter if u been here for years, weeks or days, please be part of the team, as we welcome any1 who is serious about this hard emotional rollercoaster of dieting.
Like rose said we don;t bite, we are a friendly little bunch, (well i hope so lol)
Please don;t find this post as a critisism, it is just a very valid point we are making about helping each other.
Oh Yes, a good pat on the back, from all of us as well. I have to admit that my wife would never do that to me but i am just very happy that we are both now doing this diet.Well done Calli.

There are those on this forum who say that they do not have the same appreciation for food as they did before, I can understand that, but boy am I looking forward to my 1st meal and cooking, I love cooking.

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