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So.....day 2 in the Kye house....the contestants are bloated off christmas and have been presented with the challenge of induction.....


Anyone else feeling the strain...?

On their clothes in particular haha!

Seriously though, muffin top/gunt combo is doing nothing for my self esteem....top that off with feeling rough as from too many carbs...

Definitely not a long term thing for me high carb like!

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Hi FJ didnt realise you wer a fellow north easter ;)

I drank loads of water yesterday and stomach flatter this morning :D


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I had no idea I had so many belly's til I had to put my work clothes back on....

Cheers people....good to know am not on my own hehe
LOL, strict induction for you girl, myself included. :D
You are not alone . I am gradually making my way back to induction and i am terrified to step on scales .The muffin top is not a good look but the good new is the sticks are pink and the weeing has defiantly increased so hopefully getting rid of some retained water


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Welcome back Kye, you know you'll feel better in a few days - especially once those pounds start flying off again!
my trousers are ok (not the ones i wore yesterday) getting baggy again and ive only had em on since this morning physically i dont look as if ive put weight on though!


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see I've convinced myself that my work trousers (same as yesterday) ARE looser today too. Didn't weigh myself this morning as I'm peed off to be gaining EVERY time I get on the scales, but hopefully this is the tide turning. Low carb is great. :D
we're all in the same boat it seems!
not been on the scales (scared) as i've not been a good girl, though not been terrible either. clothes feel ok, but belly looks bigger.
ah well, WI is friday, i'll brave the scales and take it from there.


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Friday WI for me too Marty - fingers crossed for us all this week.
I haven't weighed this morning but my trousers don't feel quite so tight.
wait till tomorrow :) did you do wi after xmas or will this be your first?


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Did one on my partners scales...but can never be sure their right over there!

If their accurate then I'd only put about 6lbs on...and I'd weighed myself after a big meal...with heavy PJ's on....and I'd not washed my hair that day....all contributing factors I think!

Probably not like...he he
lol washing your hair obviosuly counts ;) ahd you cut your toenails? shaved?

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