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Skinny Soon ?!
Went for my second of three yesterday.

Not exactly sure if they work or not but after my first one the lady said I had lost a total of 17 inches which was exciting. A bit here and a bit more there and about 3 inches off my tummy and one off each bicep and each knee.

They measure you before and after the first one then after the 3rd one to see your total inch loss.

I can see my stretch marks look paler and more blended into my skin and my ankles and calves look slimmer. My skin is softer and exfoliated too.

All in all I think I am still rather too fat and wobby for a dramatic visual effect.

Just wondered if any others have tried this and what you thought.
No, haven't had them but now I am intrigued!! Think I may put them on my list of treats when I reach a certain weight!

Post some pics so we can compare!!