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unsure newbie


Getting her sparkle back
Hi Angel!
Are you starting lighter life?


Staff member
Welcome Angel:welcome2:

I have moved your thread out of Route to Management forum and into Lighter Life general forum as you will get more attention here.

Sorry I can't help with cost etc., but I am sure someone will be along to help you out.

Good luck with starting LL on Monday.
Hello and welcome, Angel! Don't be scared! Totally normal to feel worried, but the groups are great (at least mine is and most of the ones I've heard about on here). The way ours works is you arrive, get weighed (!), get your packs sorted out for the week and raise any concerns you may have, and then have an hour or so of group work.

The group work is more fun than it may sound - people are free to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. For me they are one of the best things about LL, because I feel I'm not alone. Other people totally understand!

You will get LOADS of support on here too. This is a great site!

Cost - it depends if you're doing Lighter Life Total or Lite. I'm doing LLT and it is £70 a week, unless I buy water flavours or the savoury broth, which is a bit extra. I was almost put off by the price at the start but then realised I was frittering money away on rubbish anyway, and also paying the money somehow feels like I'm really serious about this. I'm making a real commitment to something, for me.

My LLC takes the money using a chip and PIN machine and I pay weekly, but I've heard that others take cheques.

Hope this helps - and best of luck on your LL journey!!
Hello Angel
Welcome to LL.You'll get loads of support on here from people who understand just how you feel. We've all been there. Most months there are other people starting out too so you won't be alone.
How much do you want to lose?
Have you been for your first group meeting yet?
I look forward to seeing your success on here.
Good luck
Hi, I went to lighter life meeting, was really an eye opener, I found it really good, however I didn't have the time to sit with others and talk about my week etc I found CD better in that respect, as I do get one to one, but its only about 15mins a week.

I think you have to way up whats best for you, do you need help from others or can you do it with just your rep and you food packs.

Which ever one you choose as they are both good, you will see the weight loss immediately and its great!!

good luck!
hi all im off to my first meetin tonight !! argh ! but im ready now and just cnt wait thanks for all the advise ill let u know how i got on xx
whoo !! slim me soon i hope hehe x
hi all,
well had my first meetin and got my milkshakes!! so heres to a fresh new start in the mornin, and im actully really excited but hope i can do it but im thinkin positive and have my fav slim outfit hanging on the door !! will keep posted on how i get on after my first day with no food
:) x
im sooooooo excited, im having my forest fruits water flavour just now, my llc is on hols this week so she had arranged a stand in last nyt who didnt show?? so ive got my book and my llc phone number so fingers crossed.... im really motivated, hope it lasts till the dreaded day 3!!! lol
good luck angel hope you have a great first day! xx
drinking my chocolate milkshake as we write and it quite nice not really chalky like some of the other diets drinks shame ur llc didnt show that would b a bit annoyin !! but im sure u will do great we can do it together because im sure ill need a bit of a 'put that sandwich down talk' hehe hope u have a great day to will post on later how it goes x
omg !! i want some food but im not goin to,
been shoppin and all the colours were callin me to buy !!hehe,
hope everyone is gettin on ok just remember we can do this !! gd luck all xx
How are you getting on, angel? It should start to get easier soon, when you get into ketosis. Well done on choosing not to have the food!

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