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Upped water and...


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Inspired by threads on here I have started filling two litre bottles of water and making sure that I drink two of them a day- plus any other glasses I feel the need for.

Even though I think I usually drink alot in pint glasses I don't usually measure it- and think I'm drinking more now.

Consequently, between Monday and today the scales shifted down three pounds- which I really hadn't expected.

That makes in exactly two weeks, a leap from 13'13 to 12'13! A stone, hooray!

I have to work in a school this aft so am a bit wary of weeing all day, but am still going to have one bottle this morning and one bottle when I get in later.

Water, water everywhere and all the drops to drink...
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Well done!

More you drink more you shrink!! xxx
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Congratulations! Sounds like its going really well for you.. ..and thank you for the reminder.. I'm off to buy some nice waters in a mo.. off work today, so can't glug down half the water dispenser today! :D

All the very best!


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Thats fantastic, well done! x
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That's a good plan as you can be much more accurate about water intake ,well done and best wishes for another great weightloss this week.
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I know this is going to sound weird, but I love water! I love to drink it, and I love to swim in it. I am going to aim for about 4 litres a day. x
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doesn't sound weird to me Vixen - I'm the same.. love wallowing in the bath, running in the rain (so long as I can get warm and dry after), love walking by the sea or a lake.. love drinking a refreshing glass of cool water in the heat, or snuggling up with a warm cup of lightly flavoured water (just a freshly cut slice of ginger sitting in the bottom of the cup).. i love swimming, visiting waterfalls.. and I love the fact that we're Made of water!! ..and how full mineral water is of Minerals! I thought I needed far more food than I actually need, and I completely underestimated how healthy and crammed full of useful things water can be!! :)


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i have a fridge rammed full of water bottles! I usually carry 2 about with me as i drink like a fish to get rid of the dry mouth! lol. I'm hooked now and i cant get enough of it!
Usually, i drink about 6l a day, and thats additional to the water in the shakes & Cups of tea!
i must get through about 750ml an hour on average...but pee for england! lol



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I seem to feel a lot better (less hungry, more energy) now that I've increased from about 2 and a half litres of water a day to 4 litres.
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Oh I need to sort myself out. I struggle to even drink 2l a day. Well done on losing a stone in 2 weeks. Does everybody really think the water makes you lose more or is it just the low cals?
Well done!

More you drink more you shrink!! xxx
I'm afraid that's an urban myth, but if you have water retention, it will help release.

Have fun with your water folks, but be careful. Don't want to be weeing out too many of those lubbery vits, mins and electrolytes and all ;)

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