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Upset stomach and missed some foodpacks (TMI alert!)

Hi there

I am in week 6 of LL.

Things are going really well except since yesterday, I have an upset tummy with stomach pains and very watery stools.

As soon as I drink any water, it just goes straight through me, coming out as either urine or watery stools (sorry if too much info).

I have been very good in keeping my water intake up - despite feeling unwell, I still drank almost 5 litres yesterday across the day and have already had 2.5 litres so far today.

However, I am struggling to take the foodpacks.

Yesterday I had 3 of the 4, but couldn't face the final one at night in case that had me dashing for the loo too.

Today, I have had 1 so far.

Does it really matter if I missed one yesterday and maybe another 1 today? I will force another couple through me today but what if i miss the late one again tonight?

Any thoughts anyone?

Thank you

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I agree with Dancing. Ordinarily if you had a tummy bug it is recommended that you go for 24 hours without food to give the bug the chance to die off. You should ensure that you are adequately hydrated and if it is really severe diahorrea (s) then your pharmacist can recommend something to help. I would leave the packs for 24 hours and drink enough water to keep you hydrated.

Hope you feel better soon.
If you can take them, it would be best to. Bear in mind that if you're in ketosis, you are metabolically in a very different state than how you would be if were ill and not on LL, and since the consequences of diarrhoea are mainly metabolic, it's best not to make your situation even more drastic by missing the foodpacks. But if they are making your vomiting/diarrhoea much worse, skip them. Definitely get 4 litres of fluid in you, and preferably with some rehydration salts (e.g. Dioralyte) to keep your vital electrolytes up. I have no idea what they will do to your ketosis, but don't risk your health trying to stay in ketosis. Missing one foodpack a day is probably OK, but just bear in mind that normally you have a very different load of reserve energy to draw on when you're not on LL than you do now (glycogen - which is easily converted to glucose for energy - in your liver, is not present once in ketosis), so now you're using fat which might not be able to meet your requirements now you're ill. Maybe you could force a savoury drink down you if you can't have your foodpacks. You should probably visit your doctor, or failing that a pharmacist. If you get worse, feel weird, or are just not improving, see someone. Even if it's A+E!

Be alert to dehydration - dry mouth, your skin not springing back if you pinch it as quickly as it usually does, sunken eyes, thirst, low urine output. If you feel at all odd, visit your doc. There's not really a lot of research on VLCDs and ill health whilst on them, so it's a bit of a grey area, but you should be OK. Do keep us posted!

Get well soon.

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Haha, I'm not a doctor! 8 months away from that title!

And I really ought to state that anything I say obviously doesn't constitute professional advice or recommendation, and that everyone is advised to consult their GP or an A+E department in the event of any health problems. Don't want to get into trouble!

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Excellent advice from jczelyph. What an asset to minimins he is :D

We all know that if you out foodpacks then our body isn't getting the full wack of vital nutrients we need to be doing this in a healthy way.

One thing I will add is that in my experience this imbalance in nutrients makes me more prone to moodswings which increases my chances of going off the rails.

I find it hard on the good days to remember to have the packs because I am not hungry but I know all about it the next day if I miss any because my diary from last year threw this pattern into the light. :(

Obviously if you are too ill then you are too ill and needs muct but I wanted to share that I need the foodpacks to keep my mood on an even keel to give me the best chances of suceeding :)

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