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urgently need help

i went for my weigh in on Thursday, my worst fears were confirmed. i have been 100% committed but i gained, from 101.7kg to 102.2kg. due to frustration, i ate like a pig yesterday and today. I now feel very low, sick and hate myself for being so stupid. do you think i can go back on track from tomorrow oh its too late. please help.:(:(
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of course you can get back on track! everyone has slip ups! you need to motivate yourself again!

Think everything takes time... but before you know it you would of lost the weight! think how quickly a week, a month or a year goes.. i mean it only feels like yesterday that we had all that crazy snow in the UK and that was months ago!

Think about how great you will look and feel once the weight is off you! think about what you can wear! what you can buy! how you will feel..

Think of all the other reasons why you are doing this!! its all for the right reasons!

Food is NOT everything! there is so much more to life! do other things to distract you!

you can do this! we all can!! just takes time and you have support here!

Chin up my dear! it will all be good!


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I don't want this to come across as patronising but how an earth can you have a gain in your first week if you were honestly 100%? I have never heard of anyone gaining in their first week.

Did you have anything like milk in tea/coffee, sugar free juice, salt & pepper??? If so they might have played a part but not so much so that you'd have a gain.

Did you chemist change scales? Move them to a different area?

Its not too late to go back on track, if thats what you are determined to do then there is no reason why you can't :)
hi Summergurl.
Firstly, I was not in my first week but i had been on lipotrim fo 2 weeks. secondly,That's the question I am also asking "how on earth is it possible to gain when I was 100% committed" answer is i don't know, all i know is i never cheated , i dont even like tea or coffee so all i had was water. I posted an entry earlier in the week but i thought it would be different on my weigh in day. I would never cheat in the second week , especially after losing as much as 15pounds in the 1st week.
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Is it totm???


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I'm glad you didn't take my questions the wrong way!

Like the post above, is it your monthlys?
If not then I'd be inclined to ask the chemist if they have changed or moved their scales.

Are you back on track now? Are you finding it ok?x
Hi, yes it was the week of my monthlys but i never thought this might impact on my weight, I am back on track now but I will certainly go back to my chemist, when i got weighed, the consultation room where we normally get weighed was being used and the lady who weighed me had to bring the scale out to weigh me so now i am beginning to wonder if it had been different if the scale had remained on the same spot.


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Yep I think we have our answer! :) totm can make you retain water making you heavier & the chemist moving the scales to a different place will defo make a difference.

Glad you are back on track though chick :) x
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Just a thought, have you been drinking enough water throughout the day? If not then your body can retain water!! i felt really bloated end of my first week so i made sure for the next day and a half before weigh in that i drank water all day long. the bloatedness went and i had a loss.
thanks summergurl, I was beginning to wonder if my body was not capable of burning fat for some reason. I am back on track but i have to start counting as day 1 from today but the only positive thing is i am no loger 109kg which i weighed 2 weeks ago.
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Go for 3 litres, I found like many others the more water you drink, the more weight you lose x

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