Urine! Ketosis already?

Chunky Madwife

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Charming topic I know.....and maybe TMI.....

But I have noticed last night and today that my pee is bright yellow with an oily surface. Last night I developed an stinky headache and it has been on and off all day.

I have just finished Day 3, and wasn't expecting to be in ketosis already, but I'm thinking this is a good sign.

Also have funny taste as if I had been eating strawberries, and haven't really felt hungry today. I have been really cold and shaky, took a two hour nap on the couch with a thick blanket, much to OH's disgust. Now I am roasting hot (and no I'm not menopausal!!!).

Last night I just could not eat, to the extent that I couldn't have final pack.

I am soo excited that things seem to be a changing, but I really hope the headache goes soon :D

Does this sound like the real deal?
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Yes you are probably in ketosis BUT...
Drink more, your urine should not be that dark, you sound like you are dehydrated and that is one of the reasons (along with carb withdrawal) that you will be having a pounding head. Don't suddenly drown yourself in water tho, drink throughout the day small ish amounts regularly. You also need to make sure you eat all your packs every day. You are already on very few calories, don't cut this even more by missing packs. It may sound counterintuitive but you can actually slow the losses down that way.
Well done getting into ketosis, your body will be merrily burning fat not carbs now. you are on your way!!! x