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Vanessa's Daily Diary

Hi, i'm Vanessa and new to slimming world. Only been on it for a few days. I am doing the Extra Easy for a week to see how I get on. It scares me alittle though the amount you can eat.

My food today was

B. Bacon and beans

L. Steak in a roll (HOB), ketchup (1)

D. Tuna, pasta, extra light mayo (1) and cheese (HOA)

No milk allowance so drank herbal teas and water

Q. Is flavoured water free?
Are muller lights free at all?

Any advice or tips would be appreciated
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Hi Vanessa, I was a restarter yesterday. Our stats are exactly the same!!
Do try and have plenty of fruit and veg, your healthy extras and a few syns. Lots of people use them all and still lose. I personally like to use some but tot them up over the week so if I have a disaster I have some syns to use for it.
Most mullerlights are free. If you go on the syn values forum theres a sticky about them on there.
I couldn't believe how much I was eating when I first started either but it does work.
Good luck!
Hiya, thx for the help. I cant believe that we have identical stats, how weird is that

Meals for today

B. OSS (HEB) and ss milk (HEA), strawberries, cup tea

L. Jacket potato and beans, mullerlight, banana, cup tea

S. Raspberries

D. SW Cottage pie, veg, ww yoghurt, cup tea

No syns used as used at weekend
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Starting to get used to this diet abit more more now. For the first I'm not finding myself as hungry between meals.

Continuing on Extra Easy my food today is:

B. Oats so simple(HB) and semiskimmed milk (HA)

L. Leftover cottage pie, muller light, grapes

D. Cottage pie again, muller light

Having cottage pie twice as seem to have loads left from yesterday.


Just had an alpen light bar (chocolate and fudge flavour) and it was gorgeous- 3syns

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Tonight is weigh in day :)

Food planned today so far is

B. 2 alpen light bars (HEB), grapes

L. Sweet potato, beans and cheese (HEA)
Muller light, grapes

D. Don't know yet. Thinking of chinese

Todays menu:D

B. 2 alpen light bars (HEB), herbal tea


L. Sweet potato, beans and cheese (HEA)


D. Steak, roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy (2syns)
yorkshire pudding (2.5)
Muller light

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Ok so changed menu for today, now its:

B. Lean bacon, scrambled egg with cheese(HEA), mushrooms and beans

L. Sweet potato and beans, muller light, melon

D. Steak, roast potatoes, veg and gravy (2syns), muller light

S. 2 alpen light bars (HEB)

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