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VCLD with low carb

I'm currently doing a vlcd diet and I'm having a shake for breakfast and a bar in the evening but I'm finding that I'm eating around lunch time and dinner time, I'm eating hardly any carbs, so I'm staying in ketosis most of the time, but every now and then I come out of it and don't know why. Can someone tell me what I should avoid in order to stay in ketosis, stuff I'm eating generally is:
fish, chicken, lamb, steak, bacon, cheese, all types of salad, all types of veg, drinking water and weak orange squash. The only carbs I have are a few croutons on my salad.

Thanks for your help

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If you feel the need to eat, you should stick to chicken, white fish or tuna. If you need cheese, then it should be cottage cheese. As for salad and veg - these do have carbs in them, albeit not much. You should also be having 3 shakes a day - assuming you are on CD or LL. Hope that helps.:)


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I wonder if your orange squash is the culprit? You're probably using the sugar free version; if not, the sugar will knock you out of ketosis as will the citrus.

I would steer clear and drink water - a minimum of 2 litres a day drunk cionsistently throughout the day is always needed on VLCD diets.

You might also want to look at your salad and veg and check the carb content of each type as they can also hide carbs which could impact ketosis. Here's a great website for checking nutritional data

Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Carrots, baby, raw
What I wanted to try and do was combine my VLCD with atkins, as I can only manage 2 of the VLCD packs a day, one shake for breakfast and bar in evening, I figured if I had atkins style meals in between I would stay in ketosis? but wondered what I was eating from the list above that is getting me out of ketosis? Take care, Laura xx I only eat broccoli and cauli veg and salad is generally caesar style salad maybe with a few tomatos thrown in
Thanks Isha, its fruit and barley orange, so that could be the culprit, I've only really started drinking it this week (week 3) as I was struggling with the water, maybe I'll try cutting back on that :)


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If you can only manage 2 VLCD shakes a day and if it's Cambridge products - why don't you follow one of the higher Cambridge plans? Shakes and bars contain carbs and you might be surprised just how much, as does veg and salad. So if you're trying to Atkins, you may well be taking in too many carbs for that to work effectively. Isha is quite right about the squash - all that sugar wont help you. Good luck - hope it all works out, whatever you do.

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