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Veggies? Any out there?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Wondered what you have as a Plus on the SS+.. I was like 'ooh yeah no prob i can have a little pasta meal..' CDC was like :eek: on the phone.. no pasta will ruin everything!

so.. it's :wave_cry:to pasta, and hello to stirfry I guess?

Also as for protein I'm thinking cheese, Egg and yoghurt (need to check that as I have soya yogs).

Any idea's welcome! :)
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im a vegi
if i do eat anything while on ss i have soya chunks
quorn chicken peices with veg just put quorn in foil with some veg and a few herbs and spices and put in oven for 30 mins they taste lovely
or i get tofu and lightly dry frie with some seasoning
or cottage cheese is allowed as well

start weight 13.7
week 1 13.0 lost 7ibs
week 2 12.6 list 6ibs
week 3 weigh in next tuesday
even thou i have been on ss for 2 weeks i still have some quorn now and again when in really desprate and still managed to loose weight


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Im not a veggie but sometimes I have the quorn mince(you can have a lot by the way on ss+)I stirfry it with a big mushroom and a bit of a tomato soup pack with some water and pepper its like spag bol!!I sometimes have that and a spoonful of cottage cheese(1/2 allowance of quorn and 1/2 cottage cheese)
Hey.Im a veggie too and I stick to either cottage cheese, quorn sausages or peices or a quorn burger. There are only certain protein options allowed on ss+ so it's probably best to talk to your CDC or get them to give you the Cambridge booklets so that you have the official information for reference. If you eat anything like eggs or cheese you will most likely be kicked out of ketosis because of the higher carb and fat content.
Hope you get on ok and find something that you like and is allowed on Cambridge

X x keelie x x
I've been told that we can't have the quorn burger or quorn sausages anymore because they have onion in them which are REALLY high in carbs.

My CDC said its quorn mince, quorn pieces or tofu only.

Shame - I really loved my quorn sausages with broccoli and mushrooms - I'm going to miss them!
Yeah I think the burgers and sausages are not really allowed but I have two quorn bangers with veg quite a lot and I've never had any problems. It works for me and keeps me on the straight and narrow but it is worth pointing out that it might throw some people out of ketosis.
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Hiya... I am veggie too and thinking of switching up to SS+ or even 810 today as I have woken up with stinking cold... I did SS+ over Xmas and had mainly quorn or cottage cheese. I am craving an egg though, would that be OK on 810? Not easy to be high protein/low carb as a veggie! Any ideas welcome....

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Wow you are all doing so well with your weight loss!! :D

Thanks all for the advice :) Great to hear what you do, and that the books will explain more for me - I see my CDC next week for the first time so am sure I'll be clearer come thursday next week. :)

I don't eat a lot of quorn generally (am a vegetable lover) but do have yoghurts/cheese/eggs so will have to see what is allowed and if I can 'tweak' it ever so gently but stay in the limits.

I don't mind tofu or quorn through a stirfry so perhaps that with a very very good flavouring would be ok?

Keelie - good luck with your bike test, I past mine years ago and love bikes.. am a car driver now but would love to get a bike one day when my girls are grown up! Much to my husbands dismay! :8855:

Katycakes - :) hope you manage to find the right balance.. maybe more greens will help with the cold! ;) might just be one of those things unfortunately. My sister swears by echinachea but not sure what that would be like on CD if it's allowed or not.

as you say not easy being low carb / high protein as a veggie, but if we are losing weight then we're doing ourselves good no matter what. :)


Stubborn tortoise
Never even thought about echinacea... have been necking it shamelessly for a fortnight trying to ward off all the germs wafting around the place, but didn't work this time alas! But didn't even think about it affecting ketosis... don't think it did, although they say it's in carrier of brandy... eek! I don't test for k just go by the metallic taste in my mouth & the fact that scales keep heading downwards... hmmm. Thing this cold is gonna be a bit of a blip though!
Keep in touch and let me know hw you get on with the veggie protein meals & best of luck!


Carpe diem, baby!
What about nuts, they are high in protein...especially almonds...
I don't eat a lot of quorn generally (am a vegetable lover) but do have yoghurts/cheese/eggs
Not sure about yoghurt, as I don't know the carb content, but cheese is definitely a no-no on this diet as it is sooooo high in fat.

If you feed your body fats it will use that for energy and won't burn any of the fat on your body, so you won't loose much or any weight and there is always the danger of gaining.

So it's quorn, tofu or cottage cheese, I'm afraid. And be careful what spices and herbs you use as some will kick you out of ketosis too!

Its not as easy being a veggie on this diet, but I truly believe that its only as hard as you make it. You only eat for a few days after 12 weeks on SS, so it will be difficult to feel deprived after all those weeks of no food!

Don't think too far ahead though. Take each day as it comes. Good luck!


Carpe diem, baby!
Fat keeps one in ketosis...it is the carbs that kick you out of it...google ketogenic diet (used for epilepsy in children) Low fat foods tend to be highly processed and are higher in carbs than full fat milk, cream and cheese, check the labels if you don't believe me!
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