Very annoyed!


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Hi all!
Sorry I havent been around much! Am kinda back but dont have a lot of time to get to the computer these days!
I just received my 5 week order from DC and was really p#@!?d off to see that they have changed the granola from 57g packs to 40g!! We are still paying the same price though! Have complained to customer services and am awaiting a call back.
I understand that Lizis' has changed their own way of doing things and that the granola crunch is no longer available BUT why are we paying the same for 17g's less?? I intend to find out! xxxx
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I received my 5 week hamper on Tuesday and I have 50gram packs. I wonder why they have changed them. 17 grams less is quite a lot. Hmm


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Could this be down to flavours? The chocolate one has always been 40g, whereas the original is 50g.