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Vibration plates

I have used them before and they definitely do work but only as part of an overall regime. They are good for toning and strengthening muscle, which in turn can boost metabolism longer term. It is no replacement for calorie-burning workouts though; if you fancy giving them a go I would recommend them alongside walking/running/spinning/zumba etc etc. I would hold back on purchasing one though ( unless you have money to burn!) and try them out in a studio or gym first of all. Be careful of where you go though; I have seen salons that simply allow you on the machine for 10 minutes and provide no instruction or supervision whatsoever. Some people think you simply have to stand on them for 10 minutes and the fat will miraculously fall off you. Sadly this is not the case! You need to be doing the exact same exercises you would do in a floor/ free weights session - planks, squats, lunges, tricep dips, etc etc except on the plate. Make sure you go somewhere that will work with you and provide instruction as to how to get the best out of them; anything else is borderline dangerous if you ask me
Thxs Cazzie for your reply, i do cycle about 10 miles a day and have just started c25k also have just got a weights bench that is setup in the garage so was hoping this would help tone along side the activities i am already doing. I have watched a few videos on youtube that seems to have some good exercises for them, i might give them a try at the local salon, they have your 1st 2 sessions free and use that as a tester.


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i use the one in the gym, they are very expensive to buy!

like cazzie said, its useless on its own. i do alot of weight training and cardio classes, i use the powerplate to have an extra stretch after if ive worked particuly hard
I think they do work but it's not cardio and won't help you lose weight. They do help you tone up a bit though and are quicker than a normal weights routine. However if I was going to buy a machine for home use I would go with an exercise bike, stepper, elliptical or treadmill. I used to have a vibration plate, a small crappy one, and it was ok but not great and took up more space than a pair of dumbbells.

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