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vitamin supplements


Wants to be a yummy mummy
S: 16st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Hi All

Okay, possibly a bit of a weird one here, but I need any advice on this you can give me....
Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for a long time, and we came across a book by someone who advised a load of vitamin supplements that you should take to maximise chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy....me and my OH have both been taking all these supplements for the last 4 months.....so, I have stopped taking them for a week cos of slimming world because i was really paranoid that it would affect weight loss....but now i am feeling really bad about it, because we have both done so well sticking to taking the pills and they have been expensive....so I think I should go back to them....my question is, do you think that i am being silly and should just take them, or do you think that they would be affecting my weight loss.
the pills are:
vitamin C 1000mg (twice daily recommended amount)
Vitamin E 400mg
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Linseed Oil 1000mg (one that is worrying me most)
Folic acid

Sorry, i know that this is an odd question, but i really need to know if anyone knows if this will affect us??

I know that any weight loss will have a positive effect on us conceiving too.

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Addicted to Minimins
Hiya Lizzie it is not a silly question to ask.:) Vitamins can only be good for us as long as we are not taking too much, and I don't know for certain but I don't think they would have an affect on your weight loss. If you are trying to conceive then I would personally carry on taking them. don't feel guilty for stopping them it was only for a week. Anyway good luck with trying to conceive make sure you get plenty of sexersize kill 2 birds with one stone.:)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
S: 16st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Sonia,

I phoned the syn helpline, and they have said that any oil filled capsules up to 1000mg can be counted as 0.5 syns if you want, but it is up to you if you want to count them, because she said that any tablets or capsules will never make a difference to your weight loss. if the oil was in a bottle and taken by the spoon then it would defo be syns, but in tablet or capsule form it will not hinder weight loss.....
Hello, Just wanted to say it took me and my other half 4 and half years to get preggers... Iread all the books and tips and advice about TTC and found that like you weight loss and lots of baby dancing was the answer... However I would advise you to check with your doc that the supplements are helping and not hindering.... also if you have been TTC for over a year may get some investigations done... I found out I have PCOS through checking with the docs.

Keep up with eating healthy and losing the weight as this is what helped me get pregnant.... GOOD LUCK. Kate. xx

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