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Wannabe10s Diary


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Well I joined this forum a few days ago but have been mainly lurking and reading all the motivating posts and diaries.

So I thought I'd start my own to help me keep track and make sense of my thoughts and actions.

I returned home from travelling a few weeks ago and started WW (points) soon after. Been following the plan for almost three weeks now. I am just doing it using the books at home, mainly because I am skint just now :sigh:. I think I have lost about 5lb so far, I say think because my bathroom scales are a bit dodgy. However I am not to concerned about that just now, because I think thats whats gone wrong in the past - I've had a tiny loss or STS then just give up.

Hopefully by keeping this diary it will help me stay motivated and do it this time!
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Hi hun,

A diary is DEFINATELY a great idea for keeping you motivated, I for one can honestly say that the support, little posts and advice I've had in mine are one of the reasons I've stayed on track.

5lbs sounds fantastic, but I think your right for not letting the scales rule you either - your clothes are probably the best indicator - I say it because Im finding myself completely obsessed with the number on the scales, even though Im now a size 10, I HAVE to loose another stone until I hit my original target, I find what the scales say determines my mood for the day - its completely ridiculous - I SHOULD just be going by the size of my clothes but I let those damn scales rule me... anyway, Im rambling as usual - can you see that I think the whole scales thing is a good idea he he .. :D

So, how did today go? what your goal?


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Hi wannabe10, just have a suggestion to keep you on track with your weigh ins... use the scales once a week in your nearest Boots, it's cheap and they're accurate. You get a little slip so that you'll have a solid record too.

Sounds like you're doing well so far so well done.

Hey Wannabe10! Great to have another diary to read. I've just started mine too...I really think it helps x How much are you planning on losing? The little 'weight-loss tickers' are a good idea too!


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Well I've been struggling :cry:

With my laptop!!! I seem to have a rather intermittent internet connection just now ;)

Luckily WW is still going well. Although yesterday I found it hard to eat :eek:. So carried over 4 points I'm sure I'll manage today :p.

I go into week 4 tomorrow and I am going to aim to increase my water intake and step up the exercise. I really want to join the gym but dont have any money at the moment. Hopefully I'll be in a better financial position in about a months time. In the meantime I'll make use of the mini trampoline and the dry weather :chores016:.

Thank-You for the Boots suggestion! I actually used to do that and loved the little print outs but the scales were out of order in my local one - I will go back and see if theyre working now though.

Hope u all have a good WW day!



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Morning :) ... Sounds like your doing a great job! its always a pain tho isnt it when you just dont want to eat! .. maybe you could save the extra points for a treat .. takeaway or somthing that you love! ....
Hope your having a great day :)


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Heehee I'm trying to post lots so I can get all the extra stuff for my profile!

Boring day today, I have been trying to find a job for ages and seem to be getting nowhere. I applied for a few last week but they all have really long closing dates :(.

Dont know how long I can go on without working, I'm just totally wasting my time sitting about the house with no money to go anywhere or do anything. Really hope I get a job soon and get back into normal life.
I was the same last year when I was off work for a while, bored out of my tiny mind! But I suppose it means you have more time to cook ww food and maybe do some exercise. Once the weight starts coming off you'll be a lot happier! I'm fat and busy, I'd so much rather be fat and not busy ;)
I'm so busy with work I find it impossible to do more than throw a ww meal in the microwave and rarely get time to exercise. Enjoy the time off while you can and don't feel guilty about it. If you keep looking you'll find something when it's right!x

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