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  1. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    Hey Everybody,

    I have been on TS for 8 days now and thought it was time to write a diary as I'm always reading and writing on everybody elses enough :p

    I started Exante on the 4th of January- I had a final binge over Christmas and now ready to lose weight- once and for all.

    I have done WW in the past- losing 4 stones when I was 15 and last year nearly 2 stone. The diet works- slowly- but I found it hard to attend the meetings with my work schedule :( It gets frustrating when the weight dribbles off you when you work hard- counting points and eating healthily.

    I have also had a hypno band most recently. It has helped me reduce my meals and feel full quicker. I lost a stone in 3 months through healthy eating and regular exercise.

    However, I am doing Exante as I am on a bit of a deadline! I have been asked to be a bridesmaid for a goos friend of mind- however- its abroad in August! I haven't been on holiday for years as I cannot face wearing clothes that show your body! I normally wear cardis and black tights- I can't wear these there haha!

    So I have until July to lose the weight. Ideally, for my height of 5'1 I need to be between 8 and 9 stone. So far I have lost 8lb. My friend has just done the cambridge diet and her weightloss has been very successful and she looks fantastic! She is the bride :)

    Onwards and inwards....

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  3. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    Yay!!! You have a diary!!! Xxx
  4. Hlb1986

    Hlb1986 Full Member

    Good luck!

    Looking forward to reading about your success.
    I am bridesmaid in May and want to lose about 5 stone hence the diet :)
  5. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Hello lovely, looking forward to keeping up with your diary. Think we are similar weights too :) xx
  6. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Glad you made a diary! ;) Really looking forward to watching your progress! Practically the same weight as me with same goal weight so here's to getting there, Well done so far :D xx
  7. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    Aww cheers guys! I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with you :)

    Today I've had two strawberry shakes! I tried to make one into a muffin like I do with the chocolate one- tasted weird! Still don't like the veg soup either- just couldn't eat it! So only had bits of each and chucked them so had a chicken breast cooked on the George Foreman. I should still stay in ketosis but think I've probably eaten less calories than what I should have :S Least chicken has no carbs and low fat I suppose!
    What a disaster!! x
  8. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    and won't have had my vits and mins :S
  9. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    Yeah I'm hoping for 9.6 as that puts me with a healthy BMI- your a little bit taller but theres only 1lb difference in our weight! We can do it!!!
  10. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    Hello :D
    That's a very realistic time frame you have to get to your goal :D
  11. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    Do you think? I thought I was being a bit ambitious! Having never done this diet before or any other VLCD's I don't know what to expect! Normally 5-6 stone would take me 3 years if I was on WW. I feel pressure to keep losing weight before July so I am so glad you think its realistic :D I will get there :)
  12. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    This diet averages at around 1st per month, some lose more! Very realistic goal date :) xx
  13. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    I think it's very achievable, wether you make it or not is up to you, give it a damn good go! 1st a month yep I know you can do it xxx
  14. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    I agree. If you keep to it, then YES it is very doable. 7 months to lose 6 stone ;)
    That gives you a little extra, incase you have another few social events in the meantime to catch up :D
    Plod on with it, and you will deffo get there :D
  15. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    Ahh cheers for the confidence guys :) I can't wait to get there- I am so determined not to be a fat bridesmaid that I have no other choice but to stick to this.

    Today I had the choc shake hot with some cinnamon- it was lovely! Can't wait for another! Just had my first glass of coke zero and it feels amazing! I'm so fed up with water so I'm glad I can drink this!
  16. kirstypegs87

    kirstypegs87 Full Member

    how do you make the shakes into muffins that sounds awesome????ive never done a vlcd either, so we can see what its like together!
  17. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    I know it's all very exciting doing a VLCD!

    I mix the shake power (choc) with about 2 tbs of water to a thickish paste. Can add sweetner too because I find the choc a bit bitter as shakes. Then I put the mixture into a ramekin or mug if haven't got one. Put into the microwave on high for just under a minute but if it looks a little bit soggy in the middle, put it back in for about 10 seconds or so. I like it and it just adds a bit of variety!!

    Thats what I'm struggling with most. It's not the hunger- its having the same thing all the time. I'd even go off chinese if I had that all the time so I'm keen to find as many things to do with the packs as poss! :p

    Good luck!
  18. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    I have never tried turning the shakes into muffins, as I love them in coffee :)
    But I do add curry powder to the mushroom soup, and chilli to the tomato and basil soup. I actually find the vegetable, and thai chicken soups and fine, with a good dod of salt and pepper in :), although they have also had chilli flakes added at some point :)
  19. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    I dunno what it is with the vegetable soup- it just makes me want to gag! The chicken is okay with a bit of spice, I can just about do the tomato!

    I could eat the porridge all day with cinnamon- I love it! Just ordered some banana and vanilla shakes so looking forward to them next week :)
  20. WannabeSkinnyMinnie13

    WannabeSkinnyMinnie13 Gold Member

    Just wondering, has anyone ever had 2 meal replacements (totaling 400cals) plus a 200 cal meal before? Would it be cheating? I was thinking on Sundays (roast day) cutting out a shake and having a chicken breast with lettuce as a treat? I'd still be having roughly the same amount of cals or would it mean it wouldn't be 100%?
  21. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    As add a meal week your meant to have 3 packs + a meal and working solutions is 3 packs plus a meal so I'd recommend you having 3 plus a 200 kcal meal. It's still classed as 100% as you'd be having a working solution day not a total solution day xxx

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