Want a pair of Levis!!!

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by x-Katie-x, 9 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Went on the Levis website before, thought I'd buy myself my first ever pair - prob in a size 14 so that I've got something to aim towards (apart from the other 1001 reasons) --- anyway got to the site and it's waayyyyy too confusing - couldn't even work out what size to get as it's all in centimetres and not sizes.

    Didn't get any :(
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  3. lighterlifeclaire

    lighterlifeclaire Silver Member

    Oh :(

    Why not wait until ur a size 14 and then have the pleasure of walking in the shop and screaming "EXCUSE ME HAVE U GOT THESE IN A 14...... YES, A 14..... COS IM A 14....." :rolleyes: u might look slightly loopy but I can't wait to go in TOPSHOP and ask for size 12's ;)
  4. lighterlifeclaire

    lighterlifeclaire Silver Member

    I won't be shopping online anymore!!!!!!!!
  5. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Yep think I'll have to do that Claire --- just wanted something to have hanging in the wardrobe that I can keep trying if you know what I mean.

    I've always loved them but never had a pair ---- plus I don't want to buy a smallish skirt or dress as I've been big for so long that I don't really know what will suit me LOL
  6. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    LOL Claire - yep. Isn't it gorgeous going into normal sized shops and picking things off the rail? heavenly :D
  7. lighterlifeclaire

    lighterlifeclaire Silver Member

    For the first time ~~(I think, like ever) I am not the biggest size in every shop :) I was even borderin it in Evans!!! a few sizes off the top size!!!

    .... Now I can shop in sooooooo many more shops.. I even went in NEXT the other day and tried on stuff I knew I wasn't guna buy ... just cos I wanted to see how it looked and have that chuffed feelin wen it fitted :rolleyes::eek:
  8. toller-girl

    toller-girl constantly confused

    I can't wait to go into Topshop full stop! :party0049:
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Oooh, yes. Levis were one of my first buys when getting to goal.

    Got them off Ebay mind you:p

    And it's so nice these days as you just buy them to fit. With my first pair of Levis, you had to sit in the bath with them on for hours to get them to the right size. Honest!! There were teens all over Britain wetting their pants in the 60s/70s [​IMG]
  10. lighterlifeclaire

    lighterlifeclaire Silver Member

    tbh... i went in there for the first time a few weeks ago... and didn't even see anything I liked!!!!... but hey, I might do when I CAN buy stuff... and even if I don't want to shop in there... I want the freedom to be able to :)
  11. reshmus

    reshmus Member

    M and S to the rescue...

    General: Womenswear: Size Charts: Marks & Spencer

    Gives you sizes in Cm... so check out a 14 and go forth and order

    Also, if you are usually a short length it is an inseam of 30, a regular length is an inseam of 32 and a longer length is a 34 (that i am assuming)

    I know this because I was looking for jeans the other day at uniqlo, (super nice and cheap but no room for my bubble butt) and I am 5 6 and a 32 inseam is what fit me.
  12. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I def need a 30 length .... got really short legs :( (Claire won't swap me hers I don't think) - I'll check out the site thanks Reshmus.
  13. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    ahhh I was wrong - must be inches that they do them in .... obviously when I think about it --- they are 28, 30, 32 etc
  14. reshmus

    reshmus Member

    Katie I was looking and I could only find the waist in Inches... no cms

    in which case inches to cm, cm to inches calculator will convert cms to inches and inches to cms for you..,
    You have to love the internet!
  15. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

    I have a pair of size 10 levis in my wardrobe that I plan to be in by December 08...once I have had the bump! As I lost the pounds it was great to see how far I had to go to get into them.....last try on I got them up my legs/over my mum but couldnt get them closed....then got pregnant LOL....but determined to get there!!

    I havent been on the website but Levis usually go by waist size - so I reckon a 34 or 36 is approx a Size 14 and then you can choose bootcut, straightleg etc etc.....bootcut tend to be most flattering...personally speaking....

    Shopping in highstreet shops is just the best......best of luck on your weight loss journey!!
  16. Bea

    Bea Back on the wagon!

    LOL...oh as the girls have also pointed out you need to check your leg lenght....32 is usually standard....I'm 5'4 and they look good with heels....

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    i remeber doing that. It was really nasty cos you then had to let them dry on you, and soaking wet non spun jeans take yonks to dry. You took them off and looked like a mollusc!
  18. reshmus

    reshmus Member

    I think it really depends on your body shape. I am a pear, where all my weight is around my thighs so the bootcut looks great on me, as it balances out my thighs,

    I have a friend who is the same size as me but carries her weight around her torso, so bigger boobs and belly and slimmer legs (So more of an apple), she looks good in straight legged trousers.

    Katie, if you dont already know what cut of trouser looks good on you, I would go into a store and figure that out first before I order the Levis.

    :) Just a thought
  19. reshmus

    reshmus Member

    You know, I have a friend of mine who spend $400 on a pair of japanese denim jeans (yes he has too much money), who had to do the same soaking thing... hehe he was so pleased with the process because "It creates something truely unique as it fits your body so well."

  20. lighterlifeclaire

    lighterlifeclaire Silver Member

    Katie... u can have my legs but as u noticed from the 30,32,34 post u might struggle getting sum levi's with a 36 leg :p
  21. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    ahhh yes Claire, never thought of that ...... think I'd still swap you though ;)

    When I've bought jeans before (from Evans and one pair from Next) I've gone for straight leg or boot cut -- I don't suit the wide ones.

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