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Water challenge ww girls!


Mad as a Hatter
Does anyone know how much 1 glass of water equates to - I drink out of a sports bottle all day, so don't use glasses... am I ok estimating that 750ml is about 2 glasses ?
a regular glass is about 250ml i think? you're supposed to drink 8 glasses a day though for your 2l x

Sarah i'm with you - 4 pints for me every day this week! x
aye i agree.. surely that extra litre is too much Fuzzy? you need 4l a day - 2l you get from food anyway, so you should only need 2 more a day right? surely that extra litre is just giving you more weight? x


Hiya Chucks!!
Ooo do you think so?
To be fair i probably only have 1-2 hot drinks a day anyway..if that some days no hot drink.
Right i will just have 2 litres from now on,but i do running and rebounder+wii fit etc so thought it would be better to have the extra litre??
Now youve got me thinking,,,gawd i have probably been drinking too much hense the small losses the last few weeks :confused:
Thanks for pointing it out you two...x
just see how you do - if you find you're feeling thirsty then have some more, but otherwise just have the 2 litres x


Still fighting
Yep I'm with u all - I been dead naughty with my water drinking lately (blame it on new job and not having time to eat let alone drink) But gonna by a 2litre bottle to take into work in morn and drink it til its gone then refill ;o) x
Be careful ladies, you can drown your insides with too much!! My eldest son drinks pints of water every day and i'm always telling him this. Even though, I will make an effort to drink more water.:7834:
too much water can lead to kidney failure - 2l is plenty. a bit more if you're exercising won't hurt though x

Edited to add: I am at no risk of drinking too much water! really do need to try to drink more!

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