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Water.... Im drowning in water

Yes as long as you're drinking at least 2 litres that is great. They say the more you drink the more you shrink! Was a good post on the sf section a little while ago explaining the science behind it, but drinking enough water helps your kidneys and liver function properly so stops holding onto water and keeps that fat burning.

I love water, I drink at least 3 litres a day, sometimes 4. I don't go anywhere without a water bottle. Like you I usually drink half a litre at night, but don't count that one lol.
Yes keep drinking that water! Helps you feel full too, often you think you're hungry when really you're thristy. Stick with it and keep posting, really helps stay focused. This is such a great board. Good luck and of course we'll get there :)
I know the hunger/thirst thing very well, that is my cause of my weight, i never used to drink water, well not enough of it any way!

I am trying, on my second litre now, the loo is my new best friend!!!
My skin has massivly broken out in mingin yellow spots :( i hate it!!!!
hopefully it will clear up soon, as i hope its all the Sh1te making its way out as well as the new best friend i have aquired:)
Your body naturally loses about 1.5 litres through perspiration and daily bodily functions. This can be replaced through food and drink quite easily having regular meals and drinking about 1.5. litres a day.

However, if you are not eating at all - then you need to at least double that, so that your body is well hydrated. Drinking regularly is the best way to do this, rather than all at once!!

All the best on your journey

Rosie xx

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