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Water intake! Too much?

Hi all,

Ok I know the instructions say 2-4 litres of water a day .. But what should I do if I am 2pm and I have already had 3.5 litres of water and a large black coffee And 500 of sparking water... I have been mindless sipping all day at my desk and it just struck me how much I have drank!

I still need to drink this evening or I will pass out .. But is it dangerous? like my body seems to be asking for the water .. My mouth is dry etc ... can this effect my weight loss too?

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I'm the same as you. Constantly have a dry mouth and feel really light headed if I go half hour without some water. I asked my pharmasist about it, having read the horror stories of people dying having drunk too much water. Her advise was that as long as my water intake was steady thoughout the day and it is passing through (which it most definately is!) then all is fine.

Prob best to get the opinion of your pharmasist too tho, let me know if they say anything different!
Thanks munch,

Will do I will ask in Saturday when I go to weigh!

Suppose though I am not feeling ill at all .. If the water was drowning me from the inside I'm sure I'd feel something! .. So my body must need all the water! Lol

And I am like you it is most defo passing through lol my colleagues must wonder why I'm up every 30 mins!!!

On the plus side all this water has my skin looking fab!

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I'm on week 3 and haven't had any of the nasty side effects reported by others, sure it's because I'm constantly sipping water. Think it's just what my body needs. My skin is sooo clear too, gotta be a good thing. If I was 15 years younger I'd audition for a clearasil ad!
You could get yourself a gig on one of those late night TV ads .. Only EUR200 and get skin like this "disclaimer at end of add results may vary ...! "

I have only had bad one day, with not nice the runs to be polite! But no real tummy rumbles .. No bad breath and believe me I have asked everyone! So I agree the water works!

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That is very weird guess what adorned my chin tonight! Eveil zit .. Only tiny though! I had very bad skin .. It's TOTM tomorrow though so that's the cause I'm thinking!

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