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WEDNESDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

Morning all, up early and I think I will have demolished 1 litre of water before work, thats a miracle for me.

Told you I was so happy I didn think I could sleep.:D

If anyone notices my ticker has changed, I altered my goal weight, being nearly 60 I was advised that I may be setting it too low so it is now set to 10stone from 9.7lbs, but you never know when I get down there I may just want to carry on - he he. I havent been 10 stone for at least 27 years so cant really remember what I was like then.
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Hey sexy lady!! Top o'the morinn to ya!

I am at work on the early shift so, so far no spies!! hehe

I am so happy for you! WHat a great loss, and great with the clothes!! It just goes to show, even though we have low moments, they can only be followed by highs, and you are riding on one now!! Bottle taht feeling and take a sip next time you are down!!

I am going to try only having my first packet at noon, and then 3 tonight. I brought a bar in case I can't make it!! lol

I made a chocolate biscuit last night, and it was wretched - I couldnot get the taste out of my mouth for hours and had to force myself to eat it. I really wished I had had another packet so I could have binned that, so thats why I am trying this new schedule....just to allow a bit of a safety zone.

So I am one litre down this morning. I am in a pair of trousers that are slighlty less uncomfortable then the last time I wore them. So that is nice - not too much of a noticeable difference yet in my clothes. Booooo. Imagine another week or two and I will see that.

Its funny - when you have a good start, you just want to be at the finish line NOW!!!

Have a great day everyone!!

I hope our lil sick pups, Miss F and Bex are feeling better and brighter today!!!

Oh, and my husband finally made it home without the use of oars!! Hurrah!



Happily pro pointing!
Just a peppermint tea for me so far, I wait until I have dropped dd at school as I have to walk across the park and back which takes about 25 mins and I don't want to get caught short, LOL.

Aiming for 6L again today, I found it quite easy yesterday so am trying again (never thought I would hear myself say that)

BL I always wait until lunch for my first pack, I have a peppermint tea in the morning and if I get cold on the school walk I have a hot water with flavouring or a savoury drink and if things are that bad a half pack latte.
Not sure if it is the right thing really, but I always liked supper and have a latte and a bar for supper when I have put DD to bed.

Lady - I am uncertain of my true goal weight as I haven't been 10 stone since I was at school (now 36), I am aiming for roughtly 10 stone, but a comfortable size 10 will do me, so am going to see how things go. I want to be able to wear some nice fitting jeans and I think that will be my test rather than the scales.
Well managed 1.5 litres before I left, thats a first.

I love the way you all call me Lady, it is sooo nice, I was originally from London and still have a cockney accent. My friends would be rolling around on the floor laughing.:D:D:D:D

BUT - I love it so pleased dont stop.:thankyou:


Happily pro pointing!
Well managed 1.5 litres before I left, thats a first.

I love the way you all call me Lady, it is sooo nice, I was originally from London and still have a cockney accent. My friends would be rolling around on the floor laughing.:D:D:D:D

BUT - I love it so pleased dont stop.:thankyou:
Even though I live in Scotland at the moment, I was brought up in Maidstone, Kent so still have my mockney accent. :D
When I am on here though I use my posh accent ;)
Whoo Hoo I just got an appointment (thats my job) can be sole destroying sometime.

Sorry just had to tell someone.
Hi Everyone

Im new to this thread! I have only done 1.5ltrs so far struggling with water today!!!!

This is my second time of doing LL I did it 2 yrs ago and lost 7.5 stone but over time and various reasons have put it all and more(only by 1st) on.....

This time i am finding it so much harder i had my first weigh in on Monday and lost 15lb but this week is real hard..... not sure why i am putting myself threw it again........ the shakes are awful this time! well in my head they are:cry: and all i can do is dream about food food food!!!!!!!

Sat here in work and its only 11.30 and i wanna go and buy some food to scoff....

the water is tasting worse and worse...

sorry to moan

Well done Lady on the appointment!
Hi Mandy

From what I have read it is difficult the second time around, but certainly achievable.

You can do this think positive, dont eat, you know you will regret it. You are putting yourself throught it because you want to be healthy and in control. I find the water difficult so it is not you, not teaching an old dog new tricks, but have you tried the water flavourings.

I have sparkling water with them in I prefer this and it fills you up. Try drinking is at room temperature (not warm) I also found that better, especially this weather.

Perhaps have another shake/soup?

Thanks Lady

I am keeping with it, it's my only chance........... yes i got the flavourings forgot to bring them to work with me... think i will get an extra tub on Monday and keep it in work...... think i will go and get some peppermint tea aswell to see if that helps!!!!!

think the worse thing for me at moment is i constantly have a headache... last time i used to manage 5 to 6 litres a day now i am struggling with the 4..... think i need to re think how to do things..... i found last week if i went to tescos before school and bought a pack of 8 water i drank them by 3 and could easily don another 2 in evening but stopped doing it at weekend and this week so think i need to go back to doing that!

Word of warning have you shake/soup B4 you go shopping.

Keep going I am here til 12.30 then out to lunch for an hour. Taking more of my big clothes to Cancer Research.

YOU CAN DO IT, you will get back on it if you persevere, may take just a tiny bit longer.

Take some paracetomol every 4 hours. I would think sometimes it may make you negative coming on here seeing how well the new peeps have done. But you have at least taken the first step and been brave enough to start again. Just keep saying to your chatter box, I can do this, I am going to do this.

I sound like a school teacher giving you lines. - LOL
:happy036:15lbs that is great - so yes you CAN do this, off now, see you later.

REMEMBER - You can if you think you can.;)
What a fantastic first week's weight loss - my goodness over a stone! and you dropped a stone bracket! It is very hard - believe you me I have had my moments. One minute I am so focused and positive and the next (within the same hour) I am so low! Since i restarted on 2 January I have been so so positive BUT I am taking it a day at a time and sometimes an hour at a time.
Thus far I have had 1 hot chocolate shake with 2 sweetners and am on my 7th pint of water!
Keep goind Mandy you know it will be so worth it
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep going with the water!!!! on my 5th pint now... so not to bad should easily get another 3 down me rather quickly!!!! have ahd a fruit bar today wasn't that bad... had some flavour!! Everynight to stop me from feeling hungry i have said i am goign to start my cross stitch well tonight i am definately going to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been putting it off but no, i am definately going to start it, see when i do that i don't think about food just sew away!!
When I started a couple of times I asked my husband to chain me to the bed at certain times, needless to say, he didnt. All say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. LOL

Back now just gonna make you Mushroom soup and nearly had 3 litres, my aint I doing well.

Yes Mandy get your cross stich out you might be able to sell some on EBAY :D
weigh in today and I think I have gained :(

Still on 1st litre of water - will chuck back 3 when I get back from weigh in.
Miss F
Why do you think you have gained? Have you cheated?
Best of luck with WI
When I started a couple of times I asked my husband to chain me to the bed at certain times, needless to say, he didnt. All say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. LOL
Think my OH would have jumped at the chance ;) lol


Happily pro pointing!
I discovered this thread last night, which I found very insightful, hopefully it will helps others too. Thanks Icemoose, he is an amazing guy :worthy:

I realise that I am the latter and that has really helped me today to get things into perspective.

I choose to do this diet and I choose not to eat real food. I CAN eat what ever I want, but I choose not to because I want to shift the lard as soon as I possibly can.
I have gone quiet, just heard some very distressing news, not death or anything just someone trying to slander my daughter and I, over the horses, and they are suceeding but it is not true..

Will write later, but need to have a think about it first, no I am not eating, but that is what of would of normally done.

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