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Wednesday Weighers!


How are we all feeling? Confident? Good week?

I have to say, my plan of being uber-angelic has gone well...I have stuck with it, am at around 70 syns total for the week, split fairly equally, done some exercise...

If I don't have a decent loss (which is anything more than 1lb for me!) then I'll be gutted! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

But let's not think negatively until I've actually been on the scales!

Look forward to hearing how well you've all done :D

Hellie x
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I had a baaaad weekend this week but have been really good since monday. Yesterday I swept the patio and today I am going to scrub the floors downstairs to hopefully get a pound at least off lol

Good luck everyone xxx
Good luck ladies! I had most of my syns on Fri/Sat so have been only having between 1-2 syns since Sun. I've also done all Red this week and one EE. I'm hoping to get my 5st despite my weekend of alcohol and pizza!

Although just realised I had an extra 6 syns that I hadn't counted...bloomin Nimble bread! Grrr!
Im really nervous about tonights weigh in. Had a few over-indulgent days, its only my second week aswell! Not lost any weight yet!!
I stuck to the diet thoroughly, but I made ryvita forero rocher twice over the weekend and ate too many!! Too many syns!!
Weigh in tonight - and im almost sure that ive gained (already!) but Im still gonna go to weigh in - not gonna bottle out - need to see exactly what I am now and take it seriously...will have to get my ass in gear!! Just hope its not more than a 2lb gain!!!! (TOM water retention to account for also).
Aww guys am on 2 minds wether to go to weigh in 2night or not and this is only my second weigh in night lol. Cos i lost 6lb on my first week last week and wasnt as strict with myself this week and plus i done extra easy all week and feel like i have eaten like a horse...please help, what should i do. I am determind to have an extra good week this week and think i will go back to my usual green/red days. :( xx
Tilly doll: Don't bottle out!! GO!! Prove that your serious about it.
Its only my second week too - I stayed exactly the same last week, so haven't lost any yet! I had a few days off work and made the 'ryvita forero rochers' and over-indulged - consuming far too many syns!!
I am honestly convinced that I have gained this week, but I need to go to weigh in tonight to see exactly what damage I have done, and shock myself..my punishment for over-indulging!! The weekly weigh in really helps me to focus....I am sure I would've done far worse if I wasn't thinking about Wednesday weigh in!!
Please go to weigh in...it may help you to stay focussed!
Im keeping my fingers crossed that I wouldn't of gained more than 2lbs at the most! and try not to dwell on the bad days...take each day at a time... Good Luck :)
ronnie87 - i think your right, so what if i have gained, il just be extra good this week and your right it prob will help me focus more! I hope i havent gained anymore than 2lb either - and even if i stayed the same (which is highly unlikely) il be well chuffed! Thank you! :D xx
I just panicked, had a freddo frog and a tiny milky way. Thought I'd blown it, then discovered they only came to 9 syns, thank god- weigh in tonight. Phew!!!


I'm the tortoise.
I'm going, it's my first week and I fell off the wagon over the weekend, and will definately fall off again this weekend, but, I have been very good every other day, and my scales this morning say 4lb off, so I'm hoping for at least 1lb off by WI this evening.
Boy I am soooo peeeed off -
last week I STS and this week... did I lose or gain -
NO I blooming STS AGAIN !!!!! :( :( wot the hell is going on ?????
Boy I am soooo peeeed off -
last week I STS and this week... did I lose or gain -
NO I blooming STS AGAIN !!!!! :( :( wot the hell is going on ?????

Oh heck! GRR!

Have you kept a diary? Done all the usual stuff to assess where it may have gone wrong?

You might be having one of those dreaded plateaus...

What's your plan of action next week? A few success express days maybe?

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