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Wednesday WI :)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I lost 2lbs! I'm only 1/2 lb away from my 1/2 stone sticker!! That's so frustrating! Lol 13.5lbs lost yay!

Good luck everyone who weighs in today. Remember even a tiny loss is a step in the right direction. STS is good, I bet it wouldn't have STS on pre-SW eating habits! If you gain, that's fine, just stick to plan 100% next week, presevere and your hard work will show next WI :)

Thought that would be better than just a "good luck" xx
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Congrats on the loss!

Bricking it for tonight. Been doing Success Express for 5 days now so fingers crossed...

(Although I need to go in especially light clothing seeming as I did this last week to make sure I STS and not gain.)



Bears dont dig on dancin'
I guess that's where I'm lucky weighing at home, I can (not) wear what I want lol!! You'll be fine at WI as you've stuck to the plan. Good luck for tonight.xx


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Well done Julz! Don't worry you'll get it next week. Lucy there's no worry! You WILL have lost!
Well done!!

And good luck those to come.

I weigh in at 6. I'm running the class again, so it's all a bit hectic with setting up the stuff and rehearsing what to say! :) My actual weight...well, my sneaky peek this morning has registered 1lb off, putting me at 10.12. That would be ok if it's the same result at class! Hope so. Slightly disappointing but I'd take any loss at the moment...especially after being so good for the last fortnight (even with that dessert on Sunday!) with very little to show for it.
I do feel thinner though, and I think perhaps it's showing on my body and then maybe the scales will catch up in a few weeks?!

Have a good day everyone x


Bring it on!
I weigh in this morning was hpoing for 3lb but looks like just a lb but even halb lb would mean i got my 1.5 stone award, so fingers crossed.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Good luck everyone that has a weigh in later.
Hellie..good luck with the class (even though) you dont need it!).

Well done on the results so far and keep on track everyone!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Good luck at class Hellie, you'll do great. i was up for any loss too.
I have a funny way of treating myself, half hour full spead ahead on the cross trainer haha. I don't know where on earth I got my willpower and exercise stamina from, I was rubbish on WW and only stuck at it for 3weeks at the most, 4 times over the last year! I lost 12lbs, then put 7 back on because I just couldnt stick to it! So glad I found SW awww! lol.

Good luck to you all WI today... I like WI at home as my LO wakes me up around 5am so I WI when I get up... though I would like more sleep!! lol xx


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well done to everyone who has been to wi already & good luck to those yet to wi!! I've been this morning & am pleased i lost 2lb, well it was my daughters birthday yesterday, we went for a pub lunch & i even ordered a jaket potato with cottage cheese & pineapple with salad!! (even surprised myself there lol!) & didnt even have a piece of birthday cake, although i think i might just have a piece tonight!!! xx
Well done everyone!!
And good luck to those yet to weigh in:)
I lost 3.5 today,only 2lb til my 2 stone award:D
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Bring it on!
I did a lb (that'll teach me to eat a big pasta dinner the day before weigh in!). Got my 1 and half stone award so i'm happy. Just got 2lbs till i get to my Club10 target.


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well done hun

i lost 1lb this week i'm hoping for my half a stone next week
well done all the losses

sarah x
7lbs off this week.... Scanbran I love you. Just need 1/2lb for my Club 10 and 2lb for my 2 stone award. Roll on week 6...


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