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Week 1, disappointed...yah boo sucks!

Hi! I've just been for my first WI, lost 4lbs (whoop!), however I can't help thinking that it should have been more. I have been super good and followed the plan 100%, no cheating and loads of water. My CDC seemed pretty surprised too.

My inch loss was pretty good, but typically, I'm focusing on the negative. Is this a usual loss for a 1st week?
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Hey 4lbs good! :D It's better off than on. Keep up the good work. :D Try increasing your water.


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don't be too hard on yourself, if you lost that every week you will be well on target as women can expect to lose 1st a month and men 1 1/2 stone


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hey hun congrats on the loss,and as stated before me if you lost 4lb a week you will be well on target and a little over the stone a month so its not to be sneezed at.
keep up the great work,
elaine x
Hi yeah, i totally agree.. 4lb is great
Next week you may have a bigger one, the body is a weird thing.. lol
keep gluggin the water, and rushing to pee..

Good luck with the rest of your losses,

hi ya, please dont be down, i only lost 4lb on my first week and felt exactly the same as you i went home and cried i was about to give up at the first hurdle until i measured myself and had lost inches i battled on to the second week living in hope the lose would not be less than the week before but to my suprise i had lost another 4lb so i was really pleased. i bet you too will have a big lose this week. chin up you have done well good luck xx
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well done hun, 4 pounds is great!! stone a month hun!! keep it up... your doing fantastic...

heres to next week :)


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Hi, I only lost 6lbs in week 1 and was a bit disappointed after seeing people lose 10+ as I had 11st to lose but ive averaged over 5lbs a week over 6 weeks so dont worry.


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S: 12st13lb C: 12st1lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st12lb(6.63%)
Hi, 4lb really isn't bad for you. I've noticed that you haven't really got loads to lose, well compared to some of us on here, you're only overweight and no obese, so I imagine that is why. Last time I did CD the closer I got to 'normal' BMI the slower the losses got and I had to increase my exercise gradually to maintain them.

Seriously, 4lb isn't bad and if you can keep that up, or even drop to 3lb a week, you will be at goal in just a couple of months!

Thanks for your support everyone! You're right, I worked hard for that 4lbs so I'm going to be proud of it! and yes, it will all add up.:)

I'm going to have a choc mint shake to celebrate :D...keep on trucking!!!

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