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Week 14 WI - 101lbs gone. (Added a Pic)

Hey gorgeous people,

Weighed in last night and lost 6lbs. That makes 101lbs gone forever. The big century, can't believe it.

Took another TOTM from hell yesterday, so feel like poo. On the plus side I bought 4 dresses at the weekend, all size 18 with plenty of room to spare, could even have gone for a 16 in one of them. Size 18 from a 28/30 in 14 weeks, LT is the dog's wotsits.

Had a tiny breakthrough at the weekend. When I tried on the dresses, for the first time I felt as if I'd lost weight! Woohoo, great eh. Still feel like a baby elephant but I'm progressing.

Love you lot, you're all just bloody great!
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OMG, that is so amazing 101lbs. That is really something you must be so proud and I bet you can really tell the difference. Doesnt it feel great when you have to wear smaller clothes. I have got to thank you cos its posts like yours that keep me on the straight and narrow and seeing what you have achieved makes me believe that I can do it too, so "thanks" xxx
Congratulations! Losing 101 pounds is a massive acheivement and going from a 28/30 to a size 18 in just 14 weeks shows the inches are dropping off too. You are such an inspiration and are always here to give support. I actually cut and paste alot of the things you say and print them off and put them up on my wardrobe to keep me motivated.

You must be so proud and no one deserves it more than you x x
Awwww girls you are so kind to me. I really really appreciate everything you say as that is what keeps me going strong and motivates me to beat this damn fat!

It's inspiring to me to know that I can help people by just saying how I feel. That helps me more than you'll ever know. I love reading all your posts, and hearing about your weigh ins makes me proud to 'know you' all! I'm just sad I can't get online as much as I would like. I could just 'pop' on for a few minutes a day but I have to read all the posts and reply if I think I can help, so that takes more than a few minutes!

I talk way too much!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Means so much.

go Bets!go Bets!go Bets! x

how fantastic hun.
you must be looking amazing hun(not that you didn't before).

i'm so pleased for you and mega jealous all at the same time lol x

nah,you deserve every one of them lbs you shed.

i'm thrilled that YOU have finally noticed the difference now hun.

you go girl with all them dresses.bet you look gorgeous in them.
you should swap the one for a size 16 though.will give you a boost knowing thats the size you're wearing.

over 100lbs now babes?!
wow! you'll be where you wanna be in no time at all.

mega congrats and all that.
luvs ya x
whoop! betsy bogok does it again!! dunno how you do these massive losses but i'm just so please for you!!! 101lbs in 14 weeks is over half a stone a week! i mean that is sensational! we started at about the same weight so i'm so intrigued about how you do it!

for sure get the 16s - it wont be long the rate your going, this month probably! what would Gok say, "its all in the tailoring, you're going to be fierce!"

Wow babes huge achievement! And I must say you actually feeling like you have lost made me smile ear to ear its a great feeling wen YOU can actually see yourself its difficult my mother was just saying she cant understand how i still see the 'fat' me. Im so chuffed that you are starting to see the 'new' Betsy. The woman who i have seen in your posts for the last how many amazing weeks. like the other girls said you are an inspiration and because of you i have gotten through some mad stupid days.

You are on a roll hun and there's no stopping you you will be falling out of them size 18/s next week get some photos up to show off your success. (its a good step)

Loving you more than you know. xxx P.S i have some exciting news bout the 'dreaded and forbidden date' will post soon. xxxx


Otherwise known as Jools
WoW Betsy Brilliant should be your name................ you fantastic weight loss machine you. :D :D :D :D

Such an amazing achievement its phenomenal, fantabulous efforts you are a true inspiration to the rest of us.

Well done missus - I am stunned at your success - amazing amazing

Words do not seem enough

So happy for you :D :D :D :D :D :D
a BIG WELL DONE hun. that great news. ur bmi has come down so much 2. bet ur feeling great.
no better feeling than fitting in a smaller size than usual.

keep up the brill work hun, ur losses are bloody fab.

sure u got every1 jealous on here. lol.

x x


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You are just amazing, your loses are superb. I am very pleased and proud of you for sticking to it and losing so much weight.

Size 18 dresses!!!!!!! omg you must feel and look fantastic. You know I am gonna ask for more photos :D:D it's not so much for my benefit but for yours hun. You always say that you don't feel it but I am glad it is starting to sink in :D

Carry on hun and remember that you are going to be absolutely fabulous!!!

Here is your dirty dance to celebrate the 101lb loss!!

:banana dancer:


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O.O I have a busy week or so and I come back to this news!! How fantastic!! Congratulations hon, that's a phenomenal amount of weight to loss in such a short space of time, you must be looking and feeling sensational!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Betsy, just what is your secret!!!!!! What a fantastic result over 7 stone in three and a half months!!!!! LT really agrees with you. You must be soooooo pleased with all your new clothes. I'd say at this stage people who know you have to do a double take to be sure it really is still you. Well done and well deserved to feel proud.
:cry: Ladies you've made me eyes leak! Thank you so much for all your replies and encouragement. I swear to you, I could not do this without you all. You help me more than you'll ever know.

As you all know I talk way too much! I was going to reply (as I usually do) to each of you but I'm sure you're all sick to death of reading my inane ramblings!

Thank you, thank you thank you! Off now to fix mascara!

Oh I've a pic on my camera that I'll post in my profile album. I HATE having my pic taken, I feel like a prat posing, but my Hubby and pharmacist make me have them taken. I'll put the most recent one beside the last one and see if you can see the difference. Still Mrs Blobby though but I'm getting there! I'll do that now.



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Wow Betsy what a huge difference in you! you look fantastic!! Thanks so much for posting that picture, it's always an inspiration to actually be able to see the difference the weightloss makes to people and helps keep us all motivated!
ARGH Cookeh! I hate having pics taken with a passion. It makes me angry haha.

I look like an orphan! Lost and pathetic looking.

Thank you so much for you kind comments!
ARGH Cookeh! I hate having pics taken with a passion. It makes me angry haha.

I look like an orphan! Lost and pathetic looking.

Thank you so much for you kind comments!



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