Week 4 weigh In

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Oops, 21 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. Oops

    Oops Full Member

    Started refeeding Friday. Weighed in Monday and Lost 2.5lb. Need to lose another 2.5lb to have a BMI of 24.9 ......... ...............but birthday was yesterday and Oops went out for a Indian curry, 3 glass of wine later, think I didn't do too well on refeed. Gutted, but today felt quite ill, couldn't face a shake so have only eaten small amount lettuce, cucumber with 100g of Prawns. I really hope I haven't screwed this up!. :(
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  3. Caterpillergirl

    Caterpillergirl Full Member

    Hi Oops

    Great for losing 2.5lbs on re-feed - well done and .......... ok you had a slip up but it's not that easy to resist all the time - you are only human so just be careful rest of week till your wi
    good luck x :):)
  4. Doirin

    Doirin Positivity is the key

    Hi Oops,
    Good for you losing on the re-feed and happy birthday. You seem to be checking yourself today so once you stay true to the re-feed things will hopefully be alright. Best of luck.
  5. vanda

    vanda plodding away

    Happy birthday for yesterday. Forgive yourself for the blip. Get straight back on the plan to minimize any damage. Good luck,

  6. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Congrats on the loss and for your birthday yesterday. Sounds as though you had a good one!

    Get back to refeeding properly and you will be fine. We're only human and everyone is weak every now and then. Keep going and you will be fine.
  7. joy1

    joy1 Silver Member

    it was your birthday, get back on refeed and you will be fine. x
  8. Oops

    Oops Full Member

    Thanks for your encouraging words:eek:; up until reading these messages a few minutes ago was feeling I'd failed the whole thing, just to have you all pass comments put it into perspective. So BIG thanks Caterpillergirl, Doirin, MiniB & joy1, I'm planning on being whiter than white for the rest of the week. Hope you all have a fab weekend, thanks again, Jux

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