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Weekend away


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Had a spur of the moment weekend away in Wales. Went with the boys and hubby's family. Was a bit wary of going as I wasn't eating or drinking (alcohol). Am I so glad I didn't!! Dear Lord I would have put on about 5 stone!!! Saturday night they all had chippy, Sunday morning butty van, dinner- burger bar, tea- chippy!!! My poor boys were overloaded with grease, had to detox them today lol. This is rather typical what they normally eat.

So if I were to go another weekend away with them again when I was eating, what would be the lowest fat option from chippy, butty van and burger bar??
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i'd imagine ya could buy water from them,lol x
i wouldn't think any food from them would be too clever tbh.
i'd prob go for a bacon roll(no fat) or something from burger van.
chippy i'm not sure.could take the batter off the fish and have that with a couple of chips,or skinless chicken?

where did you go?
did you have a good time?
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Hey Liz

Hope you had a nice time- despite the constant food fest everyone else was having!!!
To be honest- all that grub sounds pretty heavenly right now!! Best option?? Dive in and scoff the lot! Lol!! No...seriously...very well done for not giving in to temptation hun

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I hope you had a nice time & well done for resisting temptation!

I'm a vegetarian & don't like chips (mhmm, I'm a weirdo...) so I'm not much help! But really, I think you could get away with having a small/normal portion of whatever you wanted & just compensating for it during the day/the next day.



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S: 17st3lb C: 9st5lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 22.5 Loss: 7st12lb(45.64%)
Yeah, had a great time. Not had a hol this year due to finances, so this was the next best thing, didn't really want to go but once I was there it was really good. Camping though, it was bloody freezing at night!!! Boys loved it though, and it was great being able to show off my new figure, I wore a short denim skirt-size 10!! for the first time in my life, and apparently looked fab!!! Went go-karting- and beat all the boys- I think I am invincible now ha ha, swimming in Ryhl sun centre- in a size 10 swimming costume!!!! And for once did not feel like a beached whale!! The weather was lovely, felt so refreshed.

Sorting the shakes out was a challenge. Didn't go till late Saturday afternoon, so had my second shake earlier. We got there about 8, so everyone went off to the pub to see a comedian. I was delegated driver obviously, had my sparkling water, and it really did not bother me not drinking. Took my measuring jug with me to pinch some ice off them for my last shake (hate them without ice now!), drove back with it, spent about half an hour trying to find somewhere on the camp site to plug in my mixer (Mental note: buy portable mixer!!), by that time the blooming ice had melted!! In the morning had a warm strawberry shake- no where to get ice from. Decided to wait til I came home to have my second shake in luxury ha ha.

Did not really feel tempted to eat, I guess it was just habit, ritual of face stuffing on hols, but all that crap food just did not appeal! There was not a salad in sight anywhere!! Hope this continues when I do start eating. Made me realise though, why obesity is such a big problem, and how easy it is to get overweight, there was just no low fat options anywhere!

I thought perhaps if I was in that situation again, with the chippy boiled rice and curry sauce, and maybe some chicken with all the skin taken off? How bad would that be?

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