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weight loss = clothes sizes?


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Hi guys! I started my diet at a size 20 (230lbs), so far have lost 8lbs, just wondering if any of you knew if there was a set amount of loss that equals going down a clothes size? or is it different for everybody? I'm a bit nervous to go and start trying things on because if they don't fit it might get me down a bit!
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Not really because it depends on your body shape and it also depends on the manufacturers clothing label policy. Try going by how loose clothes feel and take your measurements; you can then compare these to the stores measurements on their websites before you go shopping in most cases :)
I think it varies from person to person. I have heard the 1 stone = 1 dress size rule bandied about, but with me it's been about 1 1/2 stone each time I need new works trousers.


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Yeah that's what I thought, someone told me that 10lbs down = a clothes size down, but I'm pretty sure if I lost another 2 pounds I'd still be the same size...


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It's hard because clothes sizes vary so much in shops too. When I started losing weight back in January I was wearing size 18 jeans that were tight on the waist, now I'm 39lb down and wearing size 16s that are getting loose. I bought two pairs of size 14 shorts from different shops- I can get into one pair (they're tight on me but I can do them up) and the others I can't quite do up. I don't mind wearing the size 16s for a bit longer though, I'd like to feel I've worn them enough before it's time to get new ones, as much as I'm looking forward to going down a size :) Totally depends on your body shape and height though too, I'm only 5'3".

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