Weight loss is great...BUT


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How do I maintain the motivation?
Yesterday and today I have wanted to eat "real" food.
It just doesn't make sense. I had my biggest weight loss this week and yet I keep thinking of giving up!
I know I am having trouble drinking the water. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so hungry?
If anyone has a magic trick to make drinking the water easy, please please please let me know.
I am following the LL diet. I have both the citrus and fruit flavour drink supplements. I now hate the fruit one and am not so keen on the citrus one. What's a girl to do?:eek:
As for drinking plain water, no matter how much the companies try to make it sound wonderful...it makes me gag!
Sorry to be such a moaner. Maybe now I've written down my negative feelings I will sort myself out?
Or, maybe I need locking up:D
Have you tried sparkling water, either plain or with the flavours as it is so different to flat water
I think we all go through that phase of wanting to eat every now and then.. you just have to try and ignore the cravings, they'll pass! Keep up the good work :)
I drink the first litre of water plain, then I have a two litre bottle of sparkling flavoured water (using ll flavourings), a litre with flavourings in and I have started having a litre of warm water in the evenings again with water flavourings.
Given our history with food it is perfectly normal to still get cravings because food played such a big part in our lives.

Add into that some subcinciously want to remain fat and you get quite a pull back towards food.

One thing I do know from doing LL with my group is that everybody's story is completely different so all you can do is think about what the lure is for you and try to put somecoping strategies in place that are tailor made for you :)
Thank you for the replies:)

I have just bought some fizzy water. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks Lighterlifegirl
Warm water, would never of thought of that. Thanks Flopster, will be trying that later.
Am determined to keep up the good work. Thanks Zareena
Thanks for the advice Chicken on a mission. I have been thinking about my negative thoughts, and realise it's just the mind, playing games. I have never felt or looked better than I do since starting LL. I have energy, my skin looks clear and fresh, I feel great. Why on earth would I think of giving this all up! No way am I going back to "fatland"...didn't like it one bit.

Thanks for all your help
I drink from a half pint glass and try to get it down me quickly and at room temperature, I only drink bottle water as I hate the taste of tap water.:rolleyes:

I also dilute my pacs down a good bit...

You do manage to get better at it...as long as you are getting in 8 glasses of water plus what you mix your drinks with your doing fine.
Hope you are finding the water a bit easier to manage.

I have 500ml bottles as anything more and I cant drink it. I am going to try some warm tonigh with flavours in - I miss my hot drinks!! (i dont drink tea or coffee and usually had herbal tea)

Didnt wait had a hot drink now - Its lovely and nice to have a change!! :)