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Weight Loss pattern - anyone else?

After only losing 0.5 lbs this week after a 100% week and 2 sessions with a personal trainer, I was utterly disappointed. I had a look through my previous losses, and can see a distinct pattern ... 1.5 ... 5.5 .....0.5 .... 3.5. ..... sts ... 6.5 ... 0.5

I seem to lose wight over a 2 week period instead of 1. I have a massive loss one week, then little the week after.

has anyone else found this?
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I think I lose it over a 4 week period as a rule! 2 to 3 small ones of 1-1.5 lb (not to say that isn't good before anyone shouts at me!) then a big one of 3-4.5lb, that seems to be how it's working for me! If I'm right, I'm due to have a big one in the next week or so!!!X
Most people have a cycle...sometimes to coincide with their 'natural cycle' (for ladies obviously!!)

I also think that our bodies can't usually cope with shrinking constantly, they need a week or so in between to 'catch up with themselves'.

i was once told my an old WW leader that our bodies find it difficult to lose weight and inches at teh same time, so often weight loss will slow but body shape will change dramatically in this time. anyone know if this is true or just more of the WW propaganda!! (sorry to any WW fans out there, i just didnt get on with it!!)

As long as the overall pattern is a downwards trend, we're all good!!

DEFINITELY have this going on too. On a four week buzz. I'm a slow loser anyway. So it's lose, lose, lose, STS and even then the losses are NEVER more than 1.5 and more likely to be 0.5 or 1
Plus, this month I didn't STS - I GAINED a half! I do feel bloated and PMTy etc so i still think it's that and am trying to stick at the SW regardless. But i must confess, these cycles don't half get on my wick sometimes!
Its so frustrating when you know you have followed 100%, because you are sure others in the group dont believe you. It might just be me though, who thinks like this lol.
i think thats what my cycle is like, but i just have never stuck with it long enough to see the cycle.

i suppose as long as we are not gaining!!


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I lost 3.5lbs my first week but put on 0.5lb this week :( It IS star week but I'm hoping I can have a 2-week cycle and have a good loss next week.

Am just going to make sure I follow plan 100%, and I'm going to try and work towards the first Body Magic award because I never lose weight without exercising, no matter what eating plan I'm following.
I'm a slow loser 0.5/1 pound a week for 2/3 weeks and then have a bigger loss and then stay the same! I've looked at my book and looked at when * week appears and the pattern for me is that each week before * week I either STS or lose 0.5 pounds - I'm not complaining I just know this now so have learnt not to be disappointed at this particular WI as I know the reason why x


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Mine also seems to come off better on a fortnightly basis, but I put it down to my shifts at work more than anything else.

One week I work lates on the Monday, and get a nice lay in the following day ready for my WI on the Tuesday night. The next week I have to work earlies on the Tuesday, which means getting up at stupid o'clock (03.30 or worse :() and staying awake all day.

Of course I could be wrong and it just be a coincidence. Quick or slow, a loss is a loss for me and I am just happy to keep seeing them register on the scales :)


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I to lose weight on a two weekly cycle and it's all to do with those lil things called hormones! I retain water durin ovulation and menstration i generally STS on those weeks. Then lose it a few days after and the following weeks i lose about 4lbs.


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I always judge how I'm doing over a three week period - never over just a one week period. The body is a complicated machine and so many factors can influence what the scales show on any one occasion. ie if you've eaten a lot of salt the day before (water retention next day), just eaten a heavy meal (heavy in weight I mean), drunk a lot of water just before, had a decent poo! Or not, in my case! And of course with women there are the hormonal fluctuations as well affecting how much water the body is holding onto.

As long as I'm losing 3 or 4 lbs on average every 3 weeks I'm happy.

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