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Weight Watchers crisps


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Stick to the frazzles :D:D

the hoops are WAYYYYY salty, i like salty crisps but they even made me feel sick and none of them satisfy you like a bag of frazzles, them and my choclate mousses ( well cadburys ) are saving my diet


Oooh how much are frazzles? luurrrvvee Frazzles and haven't had them in ages!


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:eek::eek: They are 1 POINT a bag, can you bloody believe it lol

I couldnt and i had to get my brand spanking new claculator out and check it again because in the book it said frazzles were 2.5 points but on the back of the packet it says 80 cal 0.3 sat fat

I was soooooo happy lol
But at 1pt a bag it's not the end of the world even if you do eat an entire 6pk...and I do would, haha. I usually order my shopping from Tesco.com, but I think I might do an ASDA.com shop this week, just so I can get frazzles, lol.
Mmm frazzles, haven't had them for years!

Vodaka - weird, I think the hoops aren't salty enough! I find them really bland and usually eat one, realise they aren't worth even a point, and give them to my mum! Like the cheesey ones, but she doesn't, says they melt in your mouth. Er yeah, exactly! :D
Stop the press

Just been to Morrisons and got a few nibbles and they STILL dont do multipacks of Frazzles so i bought French Fries, got home checked the calculator and they are ONLY 1 POINT per pack aswell :party0019:

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