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Well hello day 2!

This is my second day too. Feeling very tired which is normal as I get up at 1 am for work. Normally the tiredness has cleared by now but I feel kinda spaced?? I've also got a background headache. Other than that I'm ok. Hungry but not to the point where I could eat my own arm off........ yet! ;-)
Hiya, I'm on day two as well. Just had a yummy banana shake with a bit of cinnamon in. I have a fuzzy head & feeling a bit chilly but have loads if things to do in the house before the kids come home at 3pm. So far, so good :)


Will be a skinny mini!
Hi i am on my fourth day finding it great i can't wait to my first weigh in, can any one reccomed Amy good scales or places to get weighed x
Argos have loads of scales to choose from. I brought weightwatchers electronic scales because they weigh in stones which I prefer. But Salter are good aswell. My cost about £20.


Will be a skinny mini!
Yeah i think Im gonna get some from argos do the ww ones weigh correct as I've had a set from them before and they weighed wrong, but that was a while ago
Well I weighed myself this morning as it is my first day and then weighed myself on old scales which are accurate and they both said the same weight so I presume they are. My old scales are the old type with little strokes which I find hard to get precise reading.


Will be a skinny mini!
Ok thank you and good luck x
I got some digital scales from Tesco. I think they cost £20 and they weigh in stones/lbs/ounces and also KG.

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