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Well its that time of the week again


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Right guys have you missed me :D

I have not had a computor for a while and i have not been doing well on my diet, 2 weeks ago i bit the bullet and joined a class, i had convinced myself i could manage on my own but i cant.
If i dont have the structure of a meeting i allow myself far too many treats, i weight myself mid week and if i have lost treat myself, i have gained i binge :confused::confused:
I seem to have no control at all. I really want to do well this time and im determined. I have set mysef mini goals for now but have already had disappointment and im only on my second week so i came back here for support.

My first weight in i was my heaviest ever, i lost 9lb the first week which i was thrilled with believe me but this week i have STS, they said not to be too disheartned as i did have a huge loss the week befre but its hard not to. I did stick to my points i thought, ( my OH did a bit of the eeks cooking ) but i will re look again and ee what i can change. I havent pigged out which is a good thing though as normally i would have by now for either reason, losing or not would have treats :rolleyes:

I miss having somewhere to offload so here i am ack and hopefully on the road to being thinner, will go and catch up with everyones diaries now, hope you are all well :wavey::wavey:
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Hey hun,

welcome back - i am new here and loving it - and defo that find posting and reading all the lovely messages a real motivation and focus to hit my goals!!

well done 9lbs thats totally amazing - iam on my 1st week (this time around) i have 30lbs to lose and am hoping so much for 2lb a week -so you should be thrilled with 9!!!

i don't think your body would have let you lose anymore this week after being 9lbs down - it readjusts and then you will lose again im sure - u sound really focused now so you will do great!!

anyway just wanted to stay hi - hope u have a fab weekend and stay on track xxx


Is in the Zone

I can so relate to what you said about going it alone ... every time I think I can do it, I'm already relaxing a bit in my mind and thinking I can get away with murder.

I definatly need the 'stick' of a weigh in every week :)

Good luck and look forward to chatting to you more!



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Thanks guys

i have one more question
I have looked through the first few pages of diaries but cant find one for her


Hi there and welcome back. Marie has been back from time to time but not for a little while

Hope it all goes well for you



Still fighting
Hi there i guess i'm new to when u was hear last as i'm sure i'd remember your nick name!! vodka being my tipple!!

Well done on coming back and good luck x


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Vodaka :) ... great to see you back hun! ...

No longer loaning the horse, i kinda got ripped off! ... have had several blips and am trying to get back on the wagon again after messing about! ..
Its great to see you back thought xxxx ~hugs~


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Awww thats a shame

My cousin has just started loaning a horse ( well when i asked how big she said 13hh ) :eek:
I said thats not a horse its a pony, the poor thing would have a stroke if it saw me coming in johdpurs :8855::8855: but apparantly her mate has some big horses at the same place so you never know i might start going again soon but we are holidaying in Cornwall in Bude for a week from 11th April and its on a country estate with its own horses and stables and things so i am hoping to get a couple of beach rides in, im soooooo looking forward to it but i would be gutted if i was too heavy hence my wish to lose at least 12lb before i go :D

Will pop a link to the place if anyne wants to see it later when i get home from work
Right well thats the weekend gone.
I dont struggle too much at weekends now as half f Saturday is spent either preparing for or at weight watchers and the other half i can eat all i want cos i have to use my points and i work Sat ight in a chinese so have that to look forward to after :D

sunday i work in a laundrette so plenty of lifting and walking for me there too and i take my lunch now rather than buying from the shop next door

Anyway today im cleaning for an old lady and probably walking home ( at least 30 mins away ) so that should be a nice exercise boost for today and for dinner tonight we are having ham and leek gratin from the WW magazine ( my OH said doesnt gratin have cheese :rolleyes:, he knows i dont like cheese and i said yeah im just leaving that part out and it will also save me a few points :8855:


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Vodaka! .. sounds like your off to a great start :) ....

I havnt been home since Christmas so cant wait to get back to Cornwall to see mum and day! ... although they are up on friday for the weekend :)
I know where i live most stables have a 13.5 stone limit ! :( which is me out at the moment! .. even tho most types of horse are capable of carrying a stone per hand! .... anyhoo I hope you manage to get a beach ride in! Ive yet to do that ! ....
Well i did walk home yesterday ( even ran a little ), it really was little but enough to raise my blood pressure :D

I feel a little bit fluey today, stuffed nose and weird throat, my mum recently had it and lost her appetite but i prefer t eat if i can as food really does help even if it doesnt feel like it lol.
I used the Wii fit last night and did 32 minutes of Yoga, my son billy was laughing as i tried doing the shoulder stand, my legs were almost on the floor behind my head i couldnt lift them properly :8855:
Tonight its muscle workout ;)
I do feel like i have lost this week, my belt is comfortable on the holes i usully use today and that must mean something ( please god let it mean a loss this week lol ) dont know if i could go 2 weeks at STS this early on


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DAMN, just wrote a whole post and lost it.

Not feeling too well this morning so will be popping to work for an hour and then home to mooch, well until my other job this afternoon which i cant get out of.
My lad is in bed not well either ( not sure about him i fink he might be fibbing ) but i know how i feel and if he does feel like that it would be horrid to send him to school, plus we are on holiday in 11 days so i need everyone well for that :8855:

Tonight we are having pork and fennel casserole and i might make some soup today aswell i will probably have extra chicken stock made up so it will save freezing it or throwing it ( which my OH would shoot me for hahahaha )


Is in the Zone

Hope you're feeling better, and looking after yourself.

Are you off to anywhere nice in 11 days? If it's too nice, please don't say as I'll be jealous :D



Needs a kick
I thought I'd pop in and say HI, congratulations with getting back onto it before too much damage was done.

I too have flu like symtoms so **Hugs** to you, I know how you feel. Brought some soup If I feel like it later!

Went to Cornwall 2 years ago (mullion) and loved it, would love to go back and stay in St Ives.
Good luck with the exercise challenge.
Have a good day xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Aww no Vodaka! .. hope you dont get the full dose of the flu! ....

St ives is lovely altho i hate it during the height of summer! ggrrr ...
have to be very careful of the seagulls there to in the summer! specially if your little ones have an ice cream or you nosh on a pasty! ...cos they'll have it!

cuddle up warm Vod .. and dont do to much xxx


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Well i am feeling a bit better today but still sniffly and sneezy :sick:

Tonight my OH is here so we are having roast pork and he has bought me some low point treats for after, i have Sainsbury chocolate sponge pudding and a tub of custard :eating:

I had a really nice dinner last night, pork and fennel casserole out of the magazine this time if anyne is thinking of trying it DO IT lol !!!

Oh and here is a link for those interested in where we are staying in Cornwall
Broomhill Manor Country Estate


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Vodaka :) glad your feeling a little brighter! .. I fancied trying this dish but im not sure if i like fennel ! LOL


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Actually i thought that too and the smell while i was cooking ws like aniseed almost ( which i hate ) but i stuck with it and the result was really nice :D

Just done 40 minutes on the wii fit and about to have some scrambled egg on toast

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