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well started today

after reading up yesterday and felt hungry on the slim fast shakes yesterday im gonna give this a go iv been shopping and got some chop for dinners runner beans and cab some jelly sug free and some bottle water which will be hard as i hate water havent got a book yet but will on tuesday when go to town so i will look on net till then am i on the right track ?
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Hi and welcome,

Well I'm fairly new to this myself but here goes:

If you hate water (like I do) you can add sugar free squash - as long as you count in any carbs that are in it .

Sugar free jelly is ok but can stall some people so just see how you go with it.

I think beans are quite carby and might be best avoided on induction but other green veg (brocolli, cauli, cabbage etc) are all fine as long as you stick to the allowed quantities and again count the carbs.

I hope that helps a bit. Everything will be a lot clearer once you have read the book.

Oh and dont worry if you dont get many replies for a while it's generally quite quiet on here at weekends

Good luck and if you have any more questions dont be afraid to ask and someone will know the answer - everyone on here is really friendly and supportive x :D

Phew - think that's everything covered lol
thanks do u no if the hot sweats n headache is good right away it started about 6 and im soo hot like i stink lol i dont feel hungry at all thanks for help


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sounds a lot like atkins flu which means you would be going into ketosis.

Dont know whether it's that though because I would expect that to arrive about day 2-3 so it seems a bit early but I could be totally wrong.

See how you go and sorry I cant be more help on that one.

Good luck x
i was on slim fast for day yesterday and swap over i didnt feel ill before like this its like my bodys on fire lol my mouth is like its dry also ?
Never heard of such symptoms so fast but hey not impossible!

Watch out you don't have a viral infection!

Welcome to Atkins and enjoy your yummy, healthy food x


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Hi Eva

If your mouth feels really dry, try drinking loads more water. Sounds really simple, but you need to up your water intake loads more than you'd usually have.

I second that, you must buy the book, it'll make total sense then :)

Good luck & it'd be worth checking you're not coming down with something..

Hi im just starting out today :D
i hope ur not coming down with something , and its the early signs of the diet.

Things have changed loads since i last done the atkins over 7 yrs ago, and yes im back piled on some weight over a year ago and thought it was time to get back on track .

Hi Eva and welcome love, check out the stickies at the top, loads of useful information there love.