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last night i got a phone call from one of my best friends ( i have 2 lol )

She rang to yell down the phone " im engaged, im engaged" lol

SO it seems im going to be a bridesmaid :)

so happy for both of them and cant wait to get planning her wedding with her :)

im in charge of make up and also ?HEN PARTY :)


so now more than ever i have to tighten the reins and sort my weight out... no1 wants to be the plump bridesmaid .... since the other 2 are skinny mini's


anyone else got anything that they have coming up soon that they will be tightening their reins for ?

Who is gonna join me on my quest to lose 1 stone 7lbs ?
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Nice one!!! :D
I have nothing like that to aim for though :giggle:
right girlies wether you have a reason or not your more than welcome to join in my adventure :)

im calling it an adventure cause thats what its going to be ... there will be ups and downs im sure but also loads of fun trying out new receipes and obv new clothes :)

each day or week if you want put how your doing or feeling into this topic and we will keep check :)

i have 1 stone 7.5 pounds to be exact that i want to lose I want to be 9 stone atm im 10 stone 7.5 and a size 12 / 14

i want to fit into a ten :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Thats a good loss so far!!!! :D

I've done 30.5lb and on weigh in i was 12st 8.5lb! I'd like to be 11st. Im a size 14-16 now and i'd love to be a 14 only!! A 12-14 would be amazing though!

The first major receipe im hoping to try is stuffed potatoes! I know its not adventurous but it'll do for me!! :D

What do you like eating most?
im a big fan of anything that has mushrooms lol i jus love them .... i prob eat them nearly every day

my fave thing to make is a sw adapted curry
using loads of peppers onion garlic mushrooms chicken curry powder and garam masala powder chicken stock tinned toms as a base and natural yogurt

mmmmmmmm its yummy :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
oooh sounds it! :D i love curry! Im a sucker and usually buy a jar, i must make one myself!
i have never liked curry from a jar so i dont miss them luckily enough .... i used to use curry paste but now id rather save the syns :)
hey hun mind if i join in? :) how exciting for you it will certainly keep you busy! I dont really have anything big planned except xmas of course and my birthday at the end of march. Pretty much same boat as you i'm currently a 12/14 and aiming for that perfect 10 body lol 9st12.5 at the mo, aiming for 8st anything!

I see from the other post your a bit down at the momeny hun, dont really have any advice just keep your chin up, keep positive about a job, whats for you wont go by you and hopefully you and the OH will sort things out, you have your daughters birthday and bridesmaid duties to keep your mind on! SW wise just try and snack on fruit or makea big mushroom stirfry ;) lol xx
:) thanks lindsay thats the first time ive smiled all day and all it took was someone to say make a big mushroom stir fry

im a bit off my food today part and parcel of hangover and feeling bit down but hopefully i feel better tomorrow.

I was way down in the 9st something a few months back but when i started the job i just lost it made me feel crap it wasnt a nice place and therefore i binge ate and strayed wayyyy off plan

so im back and ready to bust some weight loss targets

and yes course ya can join in :) everyone is welcome .. specially people who can make me smile tonight lol
Good luck with this. I have no major events to aim for but just trying to change my lifestyle rather than diet this time!
Here's a thought for you. If you dont quite get to target before the wedding try feeding the other bridemaids up! Cruel I know
That's fantastic news! I can imagine how happy you are, cos I was the same when Ellebear rang me and told me! I cried! And then I cried again when she asked me to be her Maid of Honour, so we're on a mission to fit into our dresses and be more gorgeous than ever!! :D Got till April till we need to go dress hunting, so fingers crossed too!!!
congrats to you 2 aswell then :)

I think my friend wants to go dress hunting asap lol im actually all for it ... i love shopping lol

there is no " not getting to target" I will get to target .. hard part will be maintaining target
so hows everyone feeling today ?

I dont now how my weight loss will go this weekend due to alot of drinking on friday and again on sunday .... however i was very very sick yesterday and wasnt able to keep even water down ... i jumped onto the scales in my mums but i dont think they are accurate as they say ive lost 5lbs

I didnt have much to eat on saturday as i didnt feel well and again on sunday i only had an ommlette and beans ( which is why i was sick from drinking .. lack of food)

il be on the cardio hoop for at least 1 hour today :)



Loves Norman Reedus
I have the sexiest red fitted dress that i would love to get in. I am a large 16 at the moment and the dress is a 14. would love to wear it for my hubby's 40th in september 2011.

count me in.

ps i loooooooooovvvvvvvveeee Ibiza and anything containing mushrooms, yummy
will have to try the curry. when i was pregnant with my eldest i used to have mushroom pizzas. They used to cover the whole of a small pizza with mushrooms and then but some cheese on top. it was lush.xxx
Ohhh i want to join in i currently want to lose 1 stone 7.5 too im 11 stone 7.5 just now having lose 9lbs! Iv lost and got to 9 stone 13 before best i can maintain with some fighting and makes me a comfortable size 10 so im aiming for 10 stone allowing myself up to 10 stone 2 to maintain as thats weight im able to maintain without as many issues.

I want to lose for summer for girls holiday as i felt so much more comfortable a few years ago when i was at 10 stone 2 and also as i have a wedding in March for a friend i met on holiday when i was 11 and iv not seen her in 12 years but we have kept in touch i want to look and feel good for her wedding :)

Goodluck everyone we can do it!!
Can I join your adventure please? My sister has also asked me to be bridesmaid at her wedding :) She hasn't set a date yet but is hoping to get married sometime next year. I'm really looking forward to being in a gorgeous skinny fitting dress *hopefully* lol
So wish you guys were about last year. I was bridesmaid for my bro's wedding in June this year. Lost 17lbs but still felt massive in my dress compared to the other skinny-minnies!

My cousin is getting married on 17th September next year and has asked me to do a reading so that is my aim for losing weight!

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