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What are you doing for Christmas dinner?

You doing SS, AAM, 790 or higher?

I had to have surgery 2 weeks ago and had to eat carbs to heal after op..... OMG that was it, I ate everything and anything as Id been without for 6 months and I gave myself an excuse.... Back on track now and doing 790.
This has made me nervous for Christmas as I still wont be at goal, I need to get a grip and heal my relationship with food or nothing will change when Im done!

Should be counting my blessings though.... lost over 6 stone!
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I had planned to eat but Im seriously thinking hard about it at the moment, having had a fair few blips the past fortnight and struggling to get my head in the right place again ... really not sure if I could get back on track after Christmas Day and dont want to be struggling again like I have been?

But, no matter how much I think about it now it will be decided on Crimbo Day ... if I do eat I certainly wont be going overboard ... probably a 1000 plan style meal, Im supposed to be moving up to the 1000 plan the week running up to Christmas day.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Going to do 790 for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and having turkey with vegetables, no potatoes, no extras.

I don't want to blow this diet for the sake of one meal.
I plan on having Christmas day off entirely. Sod eating only turkey and veg - its one day when I will be eating whatever I want, including roast potatoes, stuffing and those sausages wrapped in bacon! (although after over 4 months of SS'ing I'm not sure I will be able to eat much - the last food I ate was on the 23rd July!)
I plan to go straight back to SSing on boxing day - I really can't see one day making all that much, if any difference. It will probably help that I don't like Chrismas pudding, Christmas cake or mince pies!

MM x
Going to do 790 for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and having turkey with vegetables, no potatoes, no extras.

I don't want to blow this diet for the sake of one meal.
Exactly what I did two years ago, I remember a lot of people saying it was only one day and they were eating what they liked but so many of them then in January said they wished they never had and they couldn't get back on it.

It didn't stop me having a lovely day with family and friends and I look back with pride on the determination I showed then.

You are doing great STBG and you have your eyes on the prize :)

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Over 6 stone lost, fantastic! :party0019:

I'm doing what SoonToBeGorgeous has said, just a bit of turkey and some green veg (a sprout or two lol)

I'm not risking coming out of ketosis by having Christmas day off, I can't face going through the headaches etc afterwards, and I'm not sure I'd be able to go back to SS. I also don't want to delay reaching my goal just by stuffing my face for one day :D

There will be plenty more Christmases in the future when you can enjoy your food without feeling guilty x


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I will either be on 790 or 1000 by then hopefully so will keep the dinner as much to these as possible
Sole Source for me!! (Chicken flavour for lunch, nearest Cambridge flavour to turkey!).. choc cd mousse with a chopped malt toffee bar hmm
Its a tricky dilemma and one I am facing. Last year I had "christmas off" (i.e about a week) and had absolutely no trouble getting back on again - I had about a stone to go till goal and the reason I decided to eat was that I didn't want to miss all the Christmas festivities only to reach goal 2 and a half weeks later (not that reaching goal allows you to eat Christmas style, but still it seemed a shame).

If you are just starting, or a couple of months in and in the swing of it, I'd advise against it if you think you will have trouble gettting back on track, or even if you dont.

I'm back on Cambridge now (actually for the first time as I was a Lighterlife person) after having a baby and have a little baby weight to lose. Having been on it before, knowing I can get back on etc, I think I will probably eat Christmas Day only. I personally, for me, dont see the point of just having a little turkey with no gravy or anything like that - you either have a little bit of everything or nothing at all in my world! Having said that I dont want it to be a total gut fest and will probably find even a moderate meal feels like a feast after sole source.

It depends on your mindset.

I haven't totally decided but I think in all likelihood I will eat Christmas day only, then back on boxing day. It wont be a week off like last year as I have more weight to loose and am keen to get to goal, and a week of can see you several pounds up and having not lost the several pounds you would in a week so that can equate to over half a stone behind schedule.

One day off will probably see me 2 pounds behind schedule tops so I can justify that. Whilst I dont let other people govern what I do too much, it would be harsh (and bordering on obsessive in their eyes) on my in laws if I did all the cooking (and I go totally over the top, big style, everything from scratch and all the trimmings) and sat there drinking a shake and watching them eat with my beady eyes. I think I'm going to have one day of and that is that, its a compromise and getting back on track doesn't concern me too much. Unless I'm wearing a size 12 or less, my preferred day begins with a shake, continues with a bar and ends with a soup! Thats the way I like it.



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I plan on having shake in morning then xmas dinner at around 4 with family, going to be sensible though and will probably get full much quicker than normal. Having chicken, veg and potatoes and a little pudding, no drink just water then back on whatever plan I'm on at that time on boxing day. Hoping to be about 10 and half stone by xmas, 7lbs away from initial goal so don't want to blow it and put weight back on just because it's xmas but intend on enjoying what dinner I'll have :)
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well i am planning on having my shake for breakkie then my dinner with my parents everything except for pudding and mince pies.. then back on track boxing day.. i will probably work of most of the calories running around after the kids and playing the wii anyway....

so excited

he he
I have my AAM at Christmas so i will eat some grilled chicken and a salat, no problem. There will be other Christmasses!

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I will be away over Christmas and should be up to 1500 by then, will only have done one week at 1200 and one week at 1500 but CDC thinks its important to have got 1500 before I go away as I will be off CD for two weeks and left entirely to my own devices (not by choice but unfortunately no option) - a little daunting to say the least - so my challenge is to eat sensibly and try not to gain any weight. Will start back on the 1000 plan when I return to shift the remaining half stone.



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we are having Chicken and veg, its only the 4 of us here so no temptations unless we buy it!
Feeling proud of myself today as I have been doing hampers for my family and haven't nibbled a thing! (normally I'd have broken into something by now and had to re-shop!) Cheap Christmas!
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I can't decide what to do-part of me wants to stay SS, the other option is do AAM for Christmas Eve(we celebrate then not on Christmas Day), or to just have that day off.The danger is I may not get back to SS if I have a whole day off, so at the moment I'm leaning towards AAM so i can have some fish and green veg.


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i had origionally thought of having an aawm on crimbo day but had read something ( think it might have been an icemoose quote ) about recking a diet for a gloryfied sunday lunch so who would i be having a meal for? so decided to stick with ssing, its one christmas after all, there will ( hopefully ) be plenty of others after ive reached my target weight


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I'll be doing AAM/790 on Christmas day and also maybe boxing day. Plenty more Christmases to come to have the full trimmings, and Christmas is about more than just food, for me anyway :) (It's the wine i'll miss ;))


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I'm spending Christmas Day on my own - am on 790 at present and propose to have
brekki vanilla with perhaps a coffee make a nice thick drink!!...

Dinner chicken breast meat cut into strips, dry fried with chives, a few chesnut mushrooms...sprinkle on tspn CD bullion and add a little water...cook some brussel sprouts..then..for dessert winter spice...

and in evening cranberry bar....

and loads of water...to drink...

I will be so proud the next day!

ITS ONLY ONE DAY... there will be more and better Chistmas's to come when Im slim and look fab..

Good Luck everybody

Pretty split down the middle isn't it? I'm still not sure what to do.
I know there'll be other Christmas's but at the same time I haven't lost 6 stones and worked blumming hard to miss out on Christmas. Think if i was at the beginning of my journey and not the end I woud be good and probably do 790 but i'll be honest, I'm dreamig of;
1. Mince pies
2. Christmas Cake
3. Roast Potatoes
4. stuffing
5. gravy
6. chocolate
7. Brie Cheese
and I can't get them out of my head..... they're a big part of Christmas for me!
It's my second aamw, we'll be at the outlaws so I'm taking some fish and broccoli, and then for boxing day some cottage cheese with cucumber. It's only a day and if I can crack this then I'll be nearer being in control of my eating. I feel proud when I avoid 'bad' food so I'll be on top of the world on Christmas evening and soon at goal. I'm doing this diet because I need to re programme my head, next year I'll be eating but making the right choices because I'll be in charge and if I have a choccy hey, that's fine because I will be able to stop at one (by then, not sure about now hee hee)

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