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What are you doing for Christmas?

Hey everyone,:wavey:

Just wondered what you're all doing for Christmas? Will you be pointing still or having some days off?

I'm have three days off (Xmas eve, day and boxing day) and i'm going to eat lots of lovely Christmassy food :D:D:D Then straight back to pointing again :angel09:
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Good question. My own history is that I did Cambridge Diet for 3 months and lost 3 stones; starting WW tommorow having signed up this evening.
I think that I will try to point over Christmas; I know that sounds dull but will be staying with my parents who will really encourage me to do whatever I think is best. To be honest I have been indulging for a few days now and looking forward to getting into some kind of structured eating.
But then again ... me and willpower don't always gel together so well?!


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
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Hi Pink...
i'll be pointing throughout apart from xmas eve/day and new yrs eve/day! But won't be going over the top, will just have all the christmas fayre but in moderation!!! Don't want to put all this good work to too much waste.

Blingbabe - well done on losing three stone!! That is fantastic! :) Good luck with weight watchers :)

Shlinz - good idea, it's nice to be able to have treats and all the nice xmassy food, but like you, I don't want to undo too much either! xx
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I am maintaining now, so hope to relax a little this year. I reckon if I can keep out of the sweetie tins I will be ok!!! Fingers crossed!!!
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heck we all sound pretty focused and good dont we?! im hoping to just have xmas day and boxing day off and will probably get some goodies in for nye as we wont be venturing out anywhere with the lo and its much cheaper to stop in too!
i saw an advert for some xmas cake on somerfields advert and i was drooling! really need to get some xmas goodies in :)
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dunno as xmas is complicated for me! will most likely be off xmas day, boxing day, new years eve and 4th jan - 8th jan as they are my xmas / new year periods x


Lovin it !!! :)
Well Im going to mums xmas day & coming home boxing day so Ill prob be eating less than normal as my parents are very small eaters. I'm home alone then till 3rd Jan & not going out NY so guess I'll be pretty good lol
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I am going to say I am not pointing from Xmas Eve but have no intention of stuffing myself silly as per previous years!! I am hopin to lose another 3/4lbs to get well under the 18 stone mark before Crimbo to give myself some leeway. Don't want to undo all the hard work I have put in over past 23 weeks x
Im planning on kinda pointing it but kinda not...Im going to really try and be sensible as im still in the early weeks so dont want to mess it all up, but im not going to let it effect my christmas.
Ive also got my mum with me for support as shes going WW with me so hopefully we can keep each other going. :)


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I'm going to have xmas day, and maybe boxing day off and I'm being extra extra good for the whole month (saving 4 points a day) and not counting excercise points. Hopefully a month of being really good won't be ruined too much by 2 days off!


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I am reducing my pts allowance 4 pts every day until Xmas and then I will eat normally but reduced portion.
Portion sizes were ALWAYS my downfall hence I am realy appreciating WW way of teaching you the difference betwee feeling SATISFIED and STUFFED means. Managed to get rid of the sugar and carbs craving so I should be OK. I am not going to limit myself that much but I think all these new healthy relationship with food will make Xmas temptation slightly easier to face.
If not, I will not beat myself - will start all over again in January.
Either way, I am hoping to STS over Xmas period.


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Have a lovely Christmas Pink Princess xx. We're off to Spain on the 20th (as usual) to see my family. Not sure how I'm going to meet my December challenge, but I'll do my best lol
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Thankfully [for the diet] I'm working 7-7 on Christmas eve, then I'm only actually off work Christmas day and Boxing day then straight back to it until New year. So on that front I'll be back into my WW routine pretty quick! Damage limitation!

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