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What are you looking forward to most


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Were all losing weight for different reasons-mainly health and body image but what are you looking forward to doing most when youve lost weight??

I can't wait to visit my grandad and have a possible compliment off him-he always cracks jokes about everyone's weight. Last time he saw me,my mum and sister he told my sister she was following in mine and my mums footsteps and puttin weight on-even tho we'd all lost weight since we last saw him...can't wait to see his face when I'm slim :)
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supersize > superPERFECT!
i just can't wait to be able to walk around in nice clothes without sweating cos im so insulated :) and to be smaller than my fella that would really make me happy i hate being bigger than him :( but he loveeees me :D
Being able to wear clothes where i feel nice and comfortable in and when i sit down not having to tug at my top so it dont fold in my roll of fat on my tummy :eek: and wear nice skirts and dresses again without getting slight chapping x
to get into all my sexy lingerie i have in my cupboard for my hubby and pose for pictures ( i dont like my pics bcoz of weight so try to avoid thm )


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Definitely with you on the fitting through gaps. I also can't wait to weigh less than my husband...he eats whatever he wants and has only gained a small beer belly in the 7 years I've known him and still only weighs 12 1/2 stone!!!


Not having to wear tights or leggings with skirts/dresses to stop chaffing. Not looking like i'm pregnant or had at least 20 kids. Walking down the aisle feeling like the star of the show and not worrying if i have bits love handles/bingo wings.

Having some chance of getting pregnant in the next few years.. bye bye PCOS!!!


I love fruit and veg. ;)
To be able to sit down and not see my flabby thighs spread out.
To look in the mirror and see a toned stomach - Nearly there! :D
To be comfortable with my body.


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I'm also looking forward to walking into 'skinny' shops-Topshop,miss selfridge etc and feel like I belong there and not like someone wishing they could fit into their stuff :)


its a long road
being able to go out with my size 12 house mates and not feel like the ugly/fat one

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