What do you have as an evening snack

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by Lisa123, 17 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Well-Known Member

    I have chocolate but would like other ideas to keep the chocolate monster away please x

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  3. steff79

    steff79 Well-Known Member

    sometimes have a handfull of sainsburys mixed fruit is mostly rasins and sultanas..
  4. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Well-Known Member

    I usually have chocolate ( i save it for the evening) or i weigh out portions of sweet cereal, and eat them like snacks x
  5. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Well-Known Member

    Fruit, Options drinks, Babybel Lights, and Eat Natural bars or Ripples are my regular evening snacks. :) xx
  6. ingeh

    ingeh Well-Known Member

    usually Hartleys sugar free jelly sachet. I have the whole sachet for 40cals! and thats alot of jelly! They are 68p for 2 sachets so an ok price. Or I might have a few biscuits with tea or a 40calorie hot chocolate
  7. xena

    xena Well-Known Member

    Ive started having 2 oreos and a cup of decaf coffee :)
  8. jellybean87

    jellybean87 Well-Known Member

    How many cals is 2 Oreos? I'd like that as a snack but not sure I'd be able to stop at 2!
  9. Kelley!

    Kelley! Well-Known Member

    I often have a banana just before bed. Im sure that fuller feel helps me to sleep.

    Other evening snacks include yoghurts less than 100 cals, cottage cheese and a little salad/celery sticks.
    Handful of grapes.
    French fries crisps or quavers.

    It depends for me whether I'm having a sweet or a savoury tooth day.
  10. xena

    xena Well-Known Member

    I think each Oreo is about 52. They are quite small but really chocolatey (I've got the chocolatey ones) so they do hit the spot. I have to try and forget about them in the cupboard!
  11. xena

    xena Well-Known Member

    Tonight I'm going to have some strawberries with a meringue nest and Elmlea, about 150 cals :)
  12. Rufinda

    Rufinda New Member

    A mullerlite yogurt (99kals) :)
  13. ingeh

    ingeh Well-Known Member

    Just found a filling snack. Ryvita crackerbread (19cals each) and sainburys lighter soft cheese (33 cals for 30g and that was alot. I just had that spread over 4 crackerbreads and im full til dinner time
  14. adell

    adell Well-Known Member

    Dark chocolate on an evening. Thats when I get my chocolate craving and I only need a square to get my fix :)
  15. systema

    systema Well-Known Member

    Sachet of Cadbury's Highlights for 40 cals - Aldi do a nice one for the same cals which I am going to switch to when my Highlights stash is finished.
    My standby is 2 Ryvita with lowest Philly garlic Cheese or Cow Lighter triangles.

    M and S Count on Us Chocolate Mousse - 95 cals each 4 for £1.55
    Jaffa Cakes are 46 cals each
    Coco Pops Snack Bar 83 cals
    Weight Watchers Crisps 74 cals
    ProperCorn - popcorn - 88 cals

    Have a look in £1 shop - they have lots of Weight Watchers snack type food which has the calorie values on them.
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  16. Time_to_diet

    Time_to_diet Well-Known Member

    I've been having frozen mango pulp, it's kind of like a sorbet. I have 100g which is about 100 calories. In Tesco, the mango pulp is in a big tin on the world aisle.
  17. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    There's a hartley's jelly pot that's 10 cals per pot too.

    It does have aspartame in it though so I can't have it personally but if you're not cutting it out it's great :)
  18. xjacqui37x

    xjacqui37x Well-Known Member

    Im addicted to Tracker chocolate chip bar they so nice 124 calories i think, nice peanut taste to it
    Also pineapple jelly 100 calories and jelly pots 10 calories
    low calorie crisps under 100 as im crisp addict too
  19. sgcoolchick

    sgcoolchick Well-Known Member

    Sponge Fingers 24 calories each I have 4 with a cup of tea! :)
  20. Katie's World X

    Katie's World X Well-Known Member

    What are these? and were from please? X
  21. Aaron64

    Aaron64 Member

    Usually have an Activia Fat Free yoghurt or Weight watchers hot chocolate

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