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What do you have for a sweet tooth ?

I get terrible cravings for chocolate, and i am not allowed it on this diet!! :cry:

I have atkins bars here but can only have 1 a day? (breakfast choc ones and decand ones)

I also have a few lipotrim packs here for a shake or porridge.

Are we allowed sugar free jelly? :p I know its not choclate but it will help :rolleyes:..

I am waiting for my order of sweets to arrive from lowcarbmegastore.. lol
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I don't have a sweet tooth, but I do like the sugar free jelly, and its very filling!


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My sweet tooth has almost gone, before starting this I was a chocolate monster :p
Someone on here (I think it's Rainbow or Rela) has Thornton's diabetic chocolate. Trouble is I'd be scared I wouldn't stop.
Tis meeee. Yep thorntons chocs are brilliant, I cant be trusted with it in the house though, its just too much like normal chocolate.
Other ideas-
Boots diabetic range
UHT squirty cream (anchor extra thick only - others have added sugar) and squirty choc mousse.
If you are doing LCM orders the carbophobia cakes are nice, I have to cut it up and freeze it into portions as soon as its cooked though, ate it all in one go the first time I got it, oops. xx
My birthday is looming, I might put some Thorntons diabetic stuff on the list :)

I find myself lying sometimes about diabetes. Like for instance, in a pub last week I was drinking vodka and slimline tonic. They run out of the slimline and tried to give me normal. I must have looked so horrified - he asked what was wrong, so to save face, I just said 'diabetes'. They just don't understand!!
Your not supposed to drink when your in ketosis it can be dangerous! Please check the sticky out on the cambridge diet forum... I will mail A mod to put sticky on here too!!
You are absolutely fine drinking in ketosis, it just affects you quicker.



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Holland & Barret do low carb chocolate bars, I kid you not, it was like xmas for me on sunday when I saw them, about 70p each and taste just like dairy milk, they even have the net carbs on the front of the wrapper. Genius!

Does make you stall though sadly (well me anyway!). I also have sugar free jelly and cream as a pudding every few days just to keep the sweet tooth happy :) Gonna have to try the diabetic thorntons though. Whats the range like? God if they did diabetic Diplomats I would quite happily live on them and stuff the meat and eggs LMAO

my understanding of the alcohol and ketosis thing is that it is because on a vlcd like cambridge you do not replenish your glycogen stores to significant levels. Your brain's major source of energy is glycogen. Therefore the small amount of glycogen we produce from our packs is used mostly by our brain. There is something about that small amount of glycogen, it being the brain's main source of energy, the effect of alcohol on the liver when in mild ketosis that is behind it all (I can never remember the detail of things after a few months).

Anyway, with Atkins a person can eat loads of fatty foods as well as protein. Therefore, the individual is constantly restocking their glycogen (fat that is not immediately absorbed by the body is converted to glycogen and stored by the body).

That is why you are advised to avoid alcohol on vlcd but not on Atkins - because on Atkins the amount of fat you are eating gives you a higher level of glycogen stores in the body
As far as I am aware, and in all the atkins literature ive read it is absolutely fine to drink on atkins. Woofy is our own living testament to that.

aha.. jsut spotted I duplicate posted here, will move it. xx
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They are fab, the duke & mandarin stuff in particular is great. xx
Does make you stall though sadly (well me anyway!). I also have sugar free jelly and cream as a pudding every few days just to keep the sweet tooth happy?

Were you saying its the jelly that stalls you?

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