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What exercise have we done today.

Hey Guys,

Hark at me starting my own thread! I've not even been here 5 minutes! lol.

Well basically in the same manner as the what we are eating/drinking threads, I thought I'd add one where we can detail what exercise we have actually done.

It might be better to do this after the event, because if I had a quid for every time I said I was going to the gym or going for a run, I'd be a rich lady and if I had to pay that quid back for everytime I actually made it to the gym, I'd still be rich.

So, I'll kick it off with:

45 minute step class at lunch today. Wearing my HR monitor which told me I'd burnt 349 Kcal. Which is nice.

How about you guys?
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Ooo, great thread idea Boogaloo! :0clapper:And well done on your step class today! I was never any good at step, got rubbish co-ordination! Spent most my time giggling at the back of the class rather than doing anything productive!

No exercise as such for me today, my body is in total bits from the weekends escapades! :character00116:

Going to try to go to the gym tomorrow if i can feel my arms and legs again by then.. could do with finding a cozzie n lying in the jacuzzi for a while if nothing else! haha.. :8855:


is going to loose!
Agree good thread, people!

20 mins before work in my bedroom, jogging on the spot. This afternoon if rain holds out here will go for a 50 min walk.

OK did some exercise last night, wasn't a lot mind you but I felt better after.

15 min jog, 100 count skipping (fast)
Sit ups and press ups

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Ooh, I was going to start a thread like this but I kept forgetting!

Yesterday: 2 x 25 min cycle commute to work, plus half an hour on the cross trainer when I got in last night. My cross trainer is now FIXED, HURRAY, so no more slogging it out on the highest setting! It is so much more fun to use now.

Will probably do the same today with maybe some weights and sit ups about 90 mins after dinner, in fact I think if I contributed to this thread daily it would become almost as repetetive as my daily menus... :)
This thread is ace! It actually makes me feel guilty when not contributing anything so on that note i must get off my ar*e and do something today. I can vaguely feel my arms again after the weekends exploits so i'll try to hit the gym and let you know how i get on.. :rolleyes:
Well, I'm about to do the school run which is a brisk walk there (10mins) and semi brisk walk back (20mins) - depends on functionality of child!! lol. After dinner tonight I plan on going for a 30 minute jog and then some sit-ups, toning and whatever takes my fancy.
Well I did step again at lunch.

However I've got my Armed Forces fitness test coming up which consists of reaching 6.8 on the bleep test and if I remember correctly 30 sit ups and I think 11 press ups. Ive got the sit ups and press ups nailed but the running is a different story.

Therefore I had better get by backside down to the gym on the treadmill and run like my life depends upon it. So tomorrow it will be a run I think.
I can do 8 press ups but am crap with sit ups... any advice?? And how long do you need to run for and over what distance? I can walk/jog/run for 20 mins at the mo.
Well done on the step class Boogaloo, it'll all help to build your fitness for the bleep test. God i hate them sooooo much! I left the RAF just as it went up to 7.1 which i failed miserably at. I cannot do pressups to save my sodding life either!

Well, have had a good day today. Put the aching body to one side and hit the gym. 5km on the treadmill, knocked 12secs off my time which was cool, had to sprint the last bit though to make sure i finished on time! Then did arm and leg/bum weights. Followed by a jacuzzi/sauna/steam room sesh! Feel quite pleased with that and actually think my muscles feel a little better for it! Hurrah!
I've just done my 20 min jog which turned into a 50 min sesh with my 9 year old jogging round the park and home again. I'd love the jacuzzi part though! Still I feel better for having gone. Am now gonna ask the other half to sit on my feet while I attempt my really bad attempt at situps.
Basically Penny, you run between two points located 20 metres apart keeping in time with bleeps on a pre-recorded cd. You gradually increase in speed and you stop when you reach the required level for your age/gender. There is approximately 10 shuttles per level and I have to reach level 6.8

As for sit ups Penny, I just found practice was best for improvement. Before I joined the RAF I could probably do 4 or 5 unassisted. But I slogged it out at the gym and by the time I had joined I could do 50+ unassisted.

Start of by having someone hold your feet until you build up your abdominal strength. Big tip is do not I repeat DO NOT over train your abs. They are a big old muscle and dont take well to being overdone. I would say 3 times a week to start with.

Claire, as I get older the bloody fitness test seems to increase rather than decrease. My level jumped from 5.6 to 7.1 and now back to 6.8. Fortunately I only had to do 7.1 once and I had a place on an exped depending on me passing so I certainly found the motivation.

What did you do in the RAF?
Oh meant to add, I've just been for my run whilst I was waiting for my tea to cook. So thats 2 sessions I've done today. Makes me feel better about having an Atkins Indulgence bar before bed last night :rolleyes:

So thats 524 Kcals done today.

And OMG did I enjoy my tea so much more as I felt I really deserved it. lol
I was an Int An(C), trade group 11. How about you? I loved my time in but knew when it was time to move on. I've always wanted to be in the police and i'm finally getting to where i want to be in life. I don't regret my time in though, went all over and learnt loads.. How about you?
Im an Environmental Health Tech. Its probably one of the smallest trades with just 41 of us at the moment. If you have ever watched the programme life of grime or grime busters with the local council EH Officers, well thats kind of what I do on Station. Going round inspecting all the section and food establishements. It not too bad I suppose and Its one of the few trades left with timed promotion, so I cant really complain. I think I intend on doing my 22 and have also toyed with the idea of commissioning. We will see!
Ah cool, that's good then. I left when they offered me my promotion to cpl, was the final decision to take but don't regret it. Although i'm now skint police staff (and a special) i love having a bit of stability and being able to buy my flat and sleep in my own bed at night! It's the little things that you appreciate once you leave. I used to do about 6-7months away every year, a month here, a month there, few days somewhere else. I got fed up with living out of a bag. Miss the pay though that's for sure!
Yeah, the mess about factor is a bit of a nightmare but as you said, the pay is good, especially given the current financial climate. Hubby is also serving and we are co-located which is nice whilst it lasts, but I know that sooner or later it will be back to the block through the week and commute home at weekends for one of the other of us.

Are you planning on becoming a fully fledged copper then?
Yeah i sure am hun. It's what i've wanted all my life since i can remember. I've passed all the selection so far, just got medical next month then fitness the month after and then hopefully on a course either sept or if i miss that one, feb. But they're a bit crap at binning the courses off due to fundage so who knows. I lost just over 3 stone to pass my specials medical and now my bmi's below 30 i should be ok for the regulars one next month too all being well. I had a go at the push pull machine whilst at hq this weekend and managed to get enough to pass it so i just need to concentrate on the bl**dy shuttle runs now! It's only 5.4 at 15m to pass but i'm sooooo rubbish at them. They bring back horrible memories from the RAF! I'm running 5km on the treadmill atm and getting better timings so i'm hoping that by improving my general cv fitness it'll all help!

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