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what have you resisted today


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S: 20st1lb C: 16st7.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(17.62%)
the bag of chocolate buttons that in myhandbag tried to give them away but no one wanted them they are still there calling me


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My 3yr olds chocolate buttons that are sitting in the fridge. Although the real danger time for me is the evenings:cry:


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S: 20st1lb C: 16st7.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 3st7.5lb(17.62%)
chocolate buttons are my weakness but am going out for meal and drinks saturday so will need to flexi syn so cant have them now :(


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open them and put fairy liquid on them and then throw them. be strong, you can do it.

my weakness is when i am at home. quite disciplined at work


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Toast with butter, been resisting well for two weeks!


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I resisted a magnum last night :D , didnt do so well with the cupcake though. The calories were per 100g I weighed it, and it was 'only' 75g making the syns 'just' 17 :D But it it's star week, and I go sugar crazy, so to be only over my syns by 2 for the day is good for me :D


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Its someones birthday in the office and there are TONS of cakes in the kitchen! I have avoided and will not be drinking tea or coffee all afternoon so that I dont have to go back in the kitchen and so wont see them! :)

Ela ine

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7-11 am

A bacon sandwich! (my mums kind offer)
A WW Choc chip cookie (work)

I work for a cancer charity and am out collecting with a volunteer... So far since 11am I have declined, from her alone:

- tomato soup from her flask
- nine offers of a wine gum
- a packet of wotsits

6 and a half hours down - five and a half to go!!


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Last night I couldn't resist and so had to flexi syn a curly wurly and packet of Walkers Chicken... and today I have not fancied anything! I obviously got my fix lol!


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My daughters left over cupcake in starbucks this morning. She only ate half of it and it looked SO GOOD!! But I was a good girl and just drunk my skinny latte (using hex a!) and ate my banana and fibre plus bar (hex b)! :D


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Well resisted having my other hex b this morning and had some fruit instead. Was going to have a hi fi bar but had apple instead as going to enjoy my hi fi bar later with a highlights before bed :D


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I had a boring jacket potato and beans instead of a roast sunday lunch in the pub. The meat and potatoes are ok but the roasties , Yorkshire and fatty gravy are not . I also resisted crisps that my son tried to give me.


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I've resisted slapping the husband!:p


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Someone at work brought in the new Mr Kipling I think they're 'trifle bakewell'. They looked yummy, however I think they worked out at about 10syns!!!


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Your all so fabby at resisting!!!

I'm baaad!! Off work this week and its been hard after a good start..........So will start again on monday!! *i hear your gasps*


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I have a box of my favourite chocolates....After Eights, on my desk that were given to me yesterday. I have resisted and plan to continue to resist until I have lost 2 stone then I am going to treat myself. The problem is those are the only chocolates that I can't have just one of...it's the whole box or nothing! lol