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What height are you really????


Gotta Make A Change
6ft 1
I'm 5ft 10 according to my midwife about 6 months back. The machine in Boots tells me I'm 5ft 8. Didn't realise I was shrinking! Lol.
i always thought i was 5ft 2 then i got measured at docs at just under 5ft 4!! i have since been measured in a few different scales and they all say im 5ft 3.8. i cant put that on my stats though so i rounded it up to 5ft 4 lol. xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
I have always thought I was 5' 5" but the scales in Boots tell me I am 5' 4". I always go with 5' 5" though


I will never give up
i always thought i was 5ft 7 and a half and when i started exanted i re measured and it worked out to just under 5ft 7 so i rounded it up to 5ft7. i think the more babies you have the more you shrink lol.
I am 5` 10", lately I feel so tall or shall I say taller
I'm only a measly 5" , so have a lot of weight to loose, minimum of 7 stone to get to my "ideal weight" arrghhhh!!!!! xx
TT Tessie said:
Don't Worry Beaut all is not lost. just Join the 7 Footer Club! :)
Lol :)
I'm 6ft 2, but you guys spurred me to re-measure, and I'm about 0.75cm off 6ft 3!! lol

All I have to do is grow another foot and I don't have to worry about weight loss xD


Gotta Make A Change
Yeah had a remeasure was 6ft 1.5

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