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what i have been eating..

DAY 1...21/08/08...had some chewing gum today'sugar free'

BREAKFAST...lipotrim vanilla shake,coffee,ice

LUNCH...lipotrim caramel bar 'ate quarter in about 5 minutes, put in fridge then had the rest an hour or so later,took ten minutes roughly'

DINNER...6oz skinless chicken roasted in the oven with bit of red pepper,mushroom,onion and garlic with a dash or two of balsamic vinegar and black pepper 'yummy' :D:D:D:D really enjoyed this was soooooo tasty '23 minutes to eat'

just been drinking still and sparkling water although at night i had a cup of tea with a dash of skimmed milk, forgot how much i enjoyed a strong cup of tea

stomach hasnt felt too bad at all,slightly bloated but not surprising and it is making some funny noises lol...all in all feeling pretty good about refeed so far
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wow! that sounds delish missy! xox nice one xox
DAY 2...22/08/08...well today i had...

BREAKFAST...choc whip ''tried summer fruits and orange cream but didn't like them ewwww''

LUNCH...6oz tuna in brine,cucumber,pepper,onion,lettuce,tomato,celery,bit of balsamic, yummy '20 minutes to eat'

DINNER...6oz turkey,mushrooms,onion,pepper,tomato,garlic,pepper all roasted in balsamic vinegar 'can u tell i enjoyed it last night' hehehehe '33 minutes to eat'

had two cups of tea with skimmed milk,black coffee,cup of green tea,1.5 litre sparkling water and 2 litres still water

also had sugar free chewing gum again,yum! so many new flavours out there since i stopped eating...

after lunch today 'about three hours after' i had an awful indegestion feeling,took paracetamol and it eased off after about half an hour or so...

if you're wondering why i am timing how long it takes me to eat it is really just for me to keep an eye on it, i used to eat way 2 fast and have been making this meal even though quarter the size of a meal i wouldve eaten before 'if that' last as long as i could...

behind my ears are sore from chewing lol
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Hey Nicki,
I'm glad Refeed is going well for you.

How many weeks are you planning to follow the refeed programme for?

I planned on 2 and the pharmacist recommended 3 (and I agreed, not least because it will mean 1 week less TFR). But here the confusion starts. In my mind, if I was doing 3 weeks of TFR, I would do Day 1 for 3 days, followed by Day 2 for 3 days etc, I don't think I could cope with Day 1-7 followed by another Day 1-7, it just doesn't make any sense!!!! Or does 3 weeks of Refeed mean Day 1-3 followed by 18 days of day 4-7? I wouldn't really be willing to do that either cos I want to follow a Low GI diet, not a Low fat one, plus there is WAY to much food on Days 4-7 to eat for 18 days! I did sample menus, and I'd have Maintenance bar, chicken salad, yoghurt, dinner, sandwich in the evening (WTF????) and 3 pieces of fruit! So much information is given in the LT video about the TFR, and I feel I really understand it, but I am hopelessly lost when it comes to the theory of Refeed!
Any help, much appreciated!

DAY 3...23/08/08

BREAKFAST...maintenance bar

LUNCH...6oz tuna in brine with cucumber,lettuce,tomato,red pepper,raw mushroom,onion,black pepper,balsamic vinegar 'took 30 minutes to eat' was bitting n bobbing with it but was very nice.

DINNER...8oz potato cut into wedges,slightly boiled and baked in oven with black pepper 'actually turned out really nice' with 6oz haddock seasoned with pepper,served with broccoli and green beans, still eating from a saucer lol 'took 19 minutes to eat this'

can't believe how nice the haddock was ! wow,mouth watering

drinking still and sparkling water,around two litres today, two cups of tea with skimmed milk and a green tea

sugar free chewing gum
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You're doing amazingly well ... are you still getting wieghed this week?
oh boy i have felt fine up until i ate my wholemeal pitta for lunch today ! feels like it has triggered some monster in me that just wants more more more lol eeeek haavent had anything that i shouldnt though,i wont give in to it,was soooooo tasty though,will post what i have eaten at the end of the day, felt weak and light headed earlier before lunch,not sure if it was my body telling me to eat as i dont feel as bad now that i have eaten and i suppose my body is still a bit all over the place now that i am eating again ! i feel really anxious these last few hours also, scared about gaining weight even though i have stuck to it i just feel so bloated and heavy ! we shall see
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hey babe - u seem to be doing really well - u are putting a lot of thought into ur meals xox im sure u will be fine xox
hey babe - u seem to be doing really well - u are putting a lot of thought into ur meals xox im sure u will be fine xox
hope so hun,just tucking into my quorn bolognese as i type lol 'laptop is on the table with me,helps me to eat slower' seems like an awful lot of it on the plate for 6oz compared to chicken or fish,not sure if it is weighed out right or not so dont think i will eat it all even if i still want it just in case lol ooooh god think it is eating carbs that is freaking me out it wouldnt of bothered me but people have been saying that eating the carbs is what makes u put weight on hmmmmm what to do lol


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Hi Nicki26, well done on your refeed!
DAY 4...24/08/08

BREAKFAST...maintenance bar '10 minutes to eat'

LUNCH...1 wholemeal pitta, 6oz prawns mixed with low fat fromage frais,garlic,red chillies,ginger,lemon juice and black pepper,cucumber,onion with a bit of salad consisting of raw mushrooms,cucumber,onion,rocket,tomato and a dash of balsamic....this was sooooo yummy, i felt really naughty when i was eating it, it felt wrong ! '20 minutes to eat'

had weight watchers lf raspberry yoghurt with 8 raspberries as a snack 'may need to cut down the fruit portion'

DINNER...6oz quorn mince 'looked like way 2 much' low fat bolognese sauce,bit of pepper,mushrooms,onions,garlic,chilli's, 4oz wholewheat spaaghetti, little bit of broccoli felt like there was far 2 much mince there and was sure i had weighed it wrong or something and so although it tasted really nice i didnt really enjoy eating it. ' '22 minutes to eat'

drank one litre of still water,one litre of sparkling water,two cups of tea with skimmed milk,one black coffee

just going to have a couple of dried apricots and 6 blueberries as a snack, thinking about dipping it in the low fat fromage frais but scared lol ...i feel a bit anxious today and feel like i have put lots of weight on :-(
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wow im really impressed at ur creative receipes! sound really nice!xx
DAY 5...25/08/08

BREAKFAST...lipotrim vanilla shake with coffee and ice

LUNCH...wholemeal pitta,6ozchicken,steamedwith onion,mushroom,pepper,lemon,garlic,chillies,black pepper then mixed with little bit low fat fromage frais served with bit of rocket,cucumber,tomato,balsamic vinegar '23 minutes to eat'

weight watchers strawberry yoghurt with 4 strawberries chopped up and a bit of crushed ice

DINNER...6ozchicken,onion,pepper,mushroom,chillies,garlic,low fat pasta sauce,4oz pasta '23 minutes to eat'

3 dried apricots,4 blackberries with a splash of low fat fromage frais

around 3 litres of water
4 cups of tea with skimmed milk
sugar free chewing gum

feel soooooooooooooo fat today !! started off really well and have just felt bigger and bigger as the day went on my tummy is noticeably bigger and i feel awful,anxious and down, dont want to be weighed
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